Over Again - Sequel to Why Me?

The next thing was all a blur. An ugly face coming out of the darkness, a swinging bat and the shot of a gun...
Everything went black....

Those were the last words of the last chapter of Why Me? Please read xoxo


8. What it was like

Zayn's POV

I was stumbling through the woods, with no idea where I was going. All I knew was that I was going further and further away from home. I stumbled across a root and fell to the ground.

Groaning silently, I pushed myself up and basically crawled round the ground. I sat myself up on a tree, resting my head back on the trunk of the tree.

Chloe's POV

I had walked further on, to make sure that no one could find me. I coundn't be found, not now. I needed some time to think, just be on my own.

The rain was still stinging my freezing body and part of me wished that someone would come and cuddle me, hug me until I was nice and warm again but that would never happen. I was nothing, like my dad had said.

That was what I could remember. My father abusing me. My father telling me that I was worthless. My father was always right, nothing could change that. No matter what Zayn had said about me being special, no matter what anyone said, my father was right.

I was upsetting other people's lives. Liam only loved Dani and that was it. Zayn now hated me but I hardly knew him. He was so distant. He was so... There weren't words to describe him. He would change. From being so touching and kind to far away and hardly there.

Sometimes, I wondered what it had been like to date Zayn. Was he different. Was he always there? Had he been as touching as before? All these questions, I wanted to be answered but I didn't know who to ask.

Liam wasn't going to tell me, that was a fact. Zayn was to upset to tell and Louis had his own girlfriend, so he probably didn't know much about our relationship. It was Niall and Harry left and I guessed that I would ask them later.

Later... I didn't even know if I wanted to go back. Seeing Liam's and Zayn's faces would be too much for me. Too much right now.

I scrambled around on the ground, trying to find a dry spot. I saw a tree and lumbered over quickly. I collapsed down and rested my head against the trunk slowly. I wiped away my tears and tried to concentrate.

I needed to figure things out for myself. It was going to be hard but it was the only way. I heard the rustling of the ground but ignored it, thinking it was my imagination. Then there was a sigh but I thought it was just the sound of the wind.

Zayn's POV

I thought about what times had been like. What it felt to have Chloe in my arms and to be all mine. Those precious moments when she was all mine. But now it was if I had to share her. Actually, I don't think she wanted to be mine at all.

I sighed heavily and heard some rustling of the ground. I heard a sob but it was probably the wind or the leaves rustling in the breeze. I could hardly see anything as well since it was very dark, almost pitch black apart from the moonlight peering through the trees.

The sobs kept on going, getting fainter and less frequent but they were still there. I turned my head slightly and then stopped. No, I was imagining things. I definitely was....

5 minutes later the sobs were still there and I couldn't restrain myself anymore. I just had to check what or who was there.

I crept round the side of the tree and saw a figure sitting there with his/her head in their hands. "Um, are you ok?" I asked. The person jumped and screamed loudly. "No, please, don't worry. I won't hurt you. I promise," I said, trying to sound as un-pervetish as possible.

The person stopped screaming and I just sat there. I could tell she/he was staring at me but I ignored it. "Are you ok?" I asked again. The person didn't answer for a while before saying," it's nothing apart from... You sure that you won't tell anyone?"

"Of course," I said. The person paused," it's just, that everything seems to be going wrong with my life. My boyfriend hates me because I did... something and then someone else hates me and I keep on getting good and bad memories of people and..."

She trailed off and yes, I had come to the conclusion that this person was a girl seeing as she had a boyfriend unless... Yeah, you get the point.

"Look, I'm sure it will be ok. Just talk to your boyfriend, make sure that he understands or do you still love him?" I asked. "I'm... I'm not sure if I still love him. Everything is going wrong and I have no idea what I should do. My emotions are so mixed up and my life is changing every minute," said the girl, sobbing a bit.

I reached out to give her a hug but she backed away. "Please. I won't hurt you... I promise. If you want to know, I am here because of my own... Love problems," I said. She paused before leaning into my arms and I hugged her.

There was a tingling sensation rushing up my arm but I ignored it. There was silence while we stayed in each others arms. "What happened?" she asked. I paused," I still love this girl but she doesn't know that. I caught her with someone else today and... I don't know what to do. I just came out her to clear my head."

"Well, I hope for your sake that she loves you back. You seem... nice," she said. "Thanks, you seem n-" A blinding light shone in front of us and I covered my eyes.

"Zayn! Chloe! There you guys are, we have been looking everywhere for you!"


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