Over Again - Sequel to Why Me?

The next thing was all a blur. An ugly face coming out of the darkness, a swinging bat and the shot of a gun...
Everything went black....

Those were the last words of the last chapter of Why Me? Please read xoxo


17. Take your children to work day

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1 Year Later

Chloe's POV

I was huddled into my duvet, trying to brave the cold that was drifting through the drafts in the windows. I was exhausted and I was desperately hungry. I crawled out of bed and stumbled across the stained carpet.

I yawned and grabbed the bread from the counter. I got the nearly-empty butter and started to spread the remainders of it onto my bread. I sighed heavily as I could only get half the bread covered. I folded it up and stuffed it into my mouth hungrily.

I threw the knife in the sink and walked back to my room. Suddenly, I felt my knees fail on me and pounding in my head. Not again. I had had these moments for around a year, actually ever since I had left the boys. And yes, I hadn't forgotten about them, how could I?

These migraines would go on for about half an hour and I would be helpless. It was no different then as I lay there, holding my head in my hands and trying to breathe. I groaned in pain and rolled over onto my front. I must have look retarded but the amount of pain I was going through was horrible.

Half an hour later, it started to die down and I breathed in relief as I was able to stand up again. I hobbled to my bedroom and layed down on my bed, covering myself with my duvet again.

Ever since I had left the boys that night, nothing had been the same. That first night I was on the streets, hardly able to move because of the cold and because I was so stunned at those flashbacks. I had never had so many at the same time and it was very overwhelming.

I still got them but they were snippets and they were less frequent, once every 3 weeks or something. I hardly gained anything from them and even though I didn't want them to see me again, I was getting frustrated that I wasn't remembering things which were significant, like a date or an important time.

After that first night, some woman found me and helped me. She was called Laura and she was very kind but then, I knew that I had to leave. If I stayed too long, she would get caught up with my problems and I didn't want that happening.

So I left, I told her that I had found a job and some old friends who I was going to stay with. I thanked her greatly and then left. I missed her but not as much as I missed the boys. It was as if they had engraved their charm and memories into me.

Of course it was all a lie. I had left in the morning so I went walking for the rest of the day. I stole from supermarkets and very nearly got caught but luckily I had stayed out of jail. I had been relying on shop-lifting and living on the streets for about 2 months until I met Jake.

He was probably the closest I ever got to a boyfriend, unless you counted Zayn but I couldn't remember some of it so I didn't count it. He was also living on the streets and we helped each other but that was until Dave striked again.

Apparently he had been watching me for the past few months, he was about to strike the day I left Laura but then I left and his plan deteriated. Dave and Jake fought and Jake killed him but the police got involved and took Jake away before either of us had the time to explain.

Jake said he never wanted to see me again. I was sad but it could have been worse. I felt terrible. Once again people who hadn't deserved it, had got caught up in my own problems and got the worst out of it while I got out of it hardly bruised.

After that, I decided that I needed to find a job so I started working in a cafe. I didn't tell them where I lived (which was the streets) or any of my background but they were so limited in workers that they had to take me.

After I saved up, I managed to start paying rent to get a tiny flat. I ended up moving jobs and worked in a clothing store which offered more money. I stayed in the flat until I got more money and went to another flat. It was slightly bigger but still dingy and unfriendly.

That was where I was now except I was working in Starbucks and all the people there were actually friendly. I felt somewhat safe apart from the fact that I was living in a very dodgy area and half the people there were always high or drunk.

I glanced at the cracked clock resting on my bedside table. Shit, I had to get to Starbucks in 10 minutes. I scrambled off the bed and ripped open my drawers. I pulled on some random clothes and brushed through my hair quickly.

Glancing at the mirror, I grabbed my jacket and bag and raced out of my flat. I didn't bother locking my flat, there was nothing in there worth robbing. If a burglar came there for money, I would just laugh and search with them.

I sprinted down the concrete corridors and out the building, swerving in and out of stoned people, lumbering around the street aimlessly. Really, it was only 7:30 in the morning?! The wind blew my hair into all different kinds of directions as I turned the corner into the nicer part of London.

It was rushhour and masses of crowds were crossing the roads, walking across the pavement but somehow there seemed to be more girls than buissness men. Was it take your children to work day or something? I ignored and squirmed through the crowds.

I eventually arrived across the road from Starbucks and breathed softly. I had 2 minutes spare. Phew. I caught my breath and crossed the road, trying to ignore some boys who were messing around and shouting at each other just outside the entrance of Starbucks.

"Um, excuse me," I mumbled, trying to get inside. "Oh, sorry ther-" "Chloe," someone whispered, his voice cracking slightly. My head shot up and I gasped. It was Zayn and Louis and Liam and Harry and Niall. "Chloe!" said Niall happily, reaching to hug me but I pushed him away.

"Sorry, I er, need to go," I rushed and sprinted into Starbucks.


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