Over Again - Sequel to Why Me?

The next thing was all a blur. An ugly face coming out of the darkness, a swinging bat and the shot of a gun...
Everything went black....

Those were the last words of the last chapter of Why Me? Please read xoxo


23. Oh my god Niall! You're Hungry?!

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Zayn's POV

"ZAYN! GET UP! WE HAVE A RECORDING TODAY!" shouted Louis while the others shook me violently. "Ugh, fine, just leave me. Please," I groaned, rolling over as my eyes squinted, trying to get used to the sunlight burning a hole in my eyes.

"Nope," said a familiar Irish voice," we are staying until you get out of bed and get dressed. But er, can you hurry up because I am hungry." "Niall, you just ate breakfast?" said Liam. "And?" asked Niall like it was the weirdest statement in the world.

Liam chuckled and I shouted out as Harry thumped me over the head with a pillow. "What the?" "Get up Zayn!" said Harry, hitting me again. "Alright, ALRIGHT!" I shouted and rolled off the bed. I lay flat on the floor and I grumbled.

"Nice one Zayn," laughed Louis. I kicked him and sat up against my bed. "Why the hell is everyone so violent this morning?" asked Louis, cradling his leg. I got up and pulled on a random top which was strewn on the floor.

I pulled on some chinos and a hoodie and followed the boys out. "So how was the date last night?" asked Liam as the others walked ahead. "Which one?" I asked but immediately regretted what I said. Liam gave me a confused look and I sighed.

"I met Chloe yesterday. After we met in Starbucks, I got her er, number and we met up," I said nervously, looking down at the ground. Liam was silent and I wasn't sure if this was good or bad. Suddenly, Liam patted me on the back and said," it's fine Zayn. But what happened with Perrie?"

"Well, I talked to Chloe at this Ice-cream thing and I got caught up with talking to her and I may have forgotten about my date with Perrie..." I trailed off while Liam gaped at me. "Oh god Zayn, have you spoken to her?"

I nodded and climbed into Louis car. "We will talk about this later," said Liam and I nodded.


"That's a wrap guys. That is definitely going to be a hit," said Simon on the other side of the glass wall. All the boys cheered and we took our headphones off, hanging them up on the microphones. "I am exhausted," groaned Niall," and hungry."

"Oh my god Niall! You're hungry?! I would never have guessed?" said Louis as if it was the most surprising thing in the world. Niall just grumbled causing us to laugh even harder. "Come on, let's go home," said Liam.

We all nodded and hurried to the car. Louis revved up the engine and we sped down the streets, passing men and women. We slowed down and I groaned. There was a long line of traffic. I hit my head against the glass window as Harry chuckled at me.

I groaned again and stared out the window. My eyes widened as I recognised a girl hurrying down the concrete path, disappearing down an alley way. "Guys, guys. I'm getting out," I said, unbuckling my seat belt and reaching for the handle.

"Zayn, what the hell?" "What are you doing?" "Where are you going?" "If you are going to get drugs... can you get me some?" "I'll be back later, I'll get a cab or something," I muttered and jumped out. I scrambled through the cars, trying not to get hit.

I finally reached the other side and ran down the alley way which I had seen Chloe go down. I saw the ends of her hair fly to the right. I ran after her more and weaved in and out of dodgy people. If Louis actually wanted drugs, he would definitely be able to get it here.

But really worried me was that Chloe lived here or I assumed she did. This is what was better than the dingy flat before this? I dreaded to think of what her old flat was like.

I watched her as she dug around in her pocket and pulled out a pair of keys. She looked to the sides, as if she could sense someone was watching her and I hid in the darkness of the wall. She shook her head and entered her flat.

I waited a few seconds before walking cautiously to the door. I paused and lifted up my clenched fist hesitantly. My fist went slowly to the door but then I drew it back. She didn't like me, she hated me. I hadn't spoken since she had left me at the ice-cream shop but now I was just turning up to her house? She would think I was crazy. She would think I was cray on crack.

I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Here we go.

Chloe's POV

I dug around in my bag searching for my keys. I looked to the side. I felt as if someone was watching me but there was no one. I shook my head, I was going crazy. I opened the door and went in, setting my bag on the chest of drawers and closing the door.

I walked into my kitchen and grabbed a yogurt out. I grabbed a clean spoon out of the draw and was about to dig into it when I heard someone knock on the door. My eyes widened with fear even though I couldn't see who it was.

Was it the person who I felt following me? I set my yogurt down slowly and crept to the door. I took a deep breath and twisted the handle opening the door.


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