Over Again - Sequel to Why Me?

The next thing was all a blur. An ugly face coming out of the darkness, a swinging bat and the shot of a gun...
Everything went black....

Those were the last words of the last chapter of Why Me? Please read xoxo


6. Gone

Zayn's POV

We got back home at exactly 4. "I'm starving," groaned Niall, clutching his stomach. "When are you not?" muttered Harry. "Meanie poo," said Niall before racing into the house. We walked into the house and I closed the door behind me.

"Chloe? Chloe?!" shouted Liam. Nothing. Where the hell had she gone? Liam looked back at me and I raced upstairs into her bedroom. I threw the door open and stared around the room. Her pj's were lying on her bed, folded neatly and her bathroom door was open.

The bed was made, just like she used to do it. "Is she in there?" asked Liam who was currently running up the stairs. "N-no," I said, stumbling nervously. Liam, who had reached me by now, pulled a scared face and ran into the room. "Liam, she isn't in here," I said, a bit more clearly.

"Then where the hell is she?" asked Liam. "How do you expect me to know, huh? I got here about 20 seconds ago. The last time I checked, I was not Superman," I shot back annoyed. Liam's glare softened and I knew he felt guilty about shouting at me but I didn't care.

I ran back down the stairs and into the kitchen, Harry, Louis and Niall were racing around the room, looking in cupboards, under the sofas, everywhere. "Guys, why the hell would she be under the sofa?" I asked confused. "I don't know but I was just checking," shrugged Louis.

"Well, I'm going out," said Liam. "Same," I agreed, grabbing my coat and pulling it on. "We will stay here and see if she comes back," said Harry. Louis and Niall nodded their heads and I went out. The cold air made me shiver but I didn't care, I needed to find Chloe.

"You can take the car and I will walk, just in case you miss her," I said to Liam, even though I wasn't looking at him. "Ok, have your phone?" Liam asked. I looked at him and raised my eyebrow," when do I ever not have my phone?" "Just checking," shrugged Liam and raced to the car.

Liam's POV

I jumped into the car and started it almost immediately. I gave one last look at Zayn who was already running down the street, shouting her name. Where the hell was she? I drove off and swerved round corners, opening my window and shouting out occasionally.

After 10 minutes I came to a deserted park, with broken swings and tarmac playing grounds. The carousels were painted badly, the paint ripping off and swaying in the wind. If this was a horror movie, this place would have fit right in.

I parked the car round the back and jumped out. I walked across the tarmac floor and looked around the nooks and crannys, to see any sign of Chloe. I imagined this might be the place someone would have taken her.

Deserted. Unfriendly. Lonely. Scared. Suddenly, I heard a whimper and turned around.

Zayn's POV

I was running down the streets, shouting her name. I didn't care who I passed or who dared to question me, I would ignore them and carry on. My legs soon became tired and I stopped for a bit. I looked down. The wind was blowing at me and I felt unsafe.

I looked around and saw that I had stopped at an old, deserted park. Broken swings swaying to the wind and the trees rustling eerily. I stepped in and crept on the tarmac floor. Was she here? Had someone taken her here?

I heard sounds. The rustling of the wind, the squeaking of the carousel and the sound of murmuring voices. Voices.

I crept round a swing and then a tree, keeping low so if someone bad was there, they wound't notice me. The voices got louder and louder. They were a boys and a girls voice, they seemed close and one of them seemed to be crying.

"It's going to be alright Chloe," said a voice. Chloe? Chloe? No, maybe it was a coincidence. "Will it Liam?" Ok, what the hell was going on here? It couldn't be them, could it? They sounded too close. There was silence and I looked round the tree.

"Liam?" I croaked, barely able to recognise the sight. He wouldn't do it to me, she wouldn't either but they were. They were kissing.


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