Over Again - Sequel to Why Me?

The next thing was all a blur. An ugly face coming out of the darkness, a swinging bat and the shot of a gun...
Everything went black....

Those were the last words of the last chapter of Why Me? Please read xoxo


14. Fix Things

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Zayn's POV

She remembered something. But why that? I remembered that so vividly. When she nearly heard that I liked her in a more than friend way but right now I wish that she knew that we were talking about her. Now she thought I was some sort of chich magnet or something.

I sighed and I heard the sound of a car rolling up to the road. It stopped and I heard Niall call us. Chloe once again offered me her hand but I shook my head and heaved myself up, leaning against the tree. She breathed out and I felt bad but I could hardly deal with this right now.

I limped over to the car while Chloe walked in front of me. I saw the faint figures of 3 familiar boys sitting in the car as Niall opened the door. Niall helped me in and I sat back in the seat, for once feeling slightly comfortable.

The car ride was silent, no one spoke. No one knew what to say. Someone would try and say something and then they would close their mouth as everyone stared at them. It was pitch black apart from the headlights of the car but I felt safer.

I glanced at Chloe and saw that she was looking at me. She quickly looked away and stared outside the window. Harry looked between us and gave me a questioning look but I shook my head and looked away. I don't know how much longer it took but soon we arrived back home.

I had never wanted to get home as much as I had wanted to now. As soon as the car was parked I hobbled out quickly and went to the front door, not waiting for anyone else. I banged into the door and I heard Louis chuckle. I gave him a quick glare as he opened the door and I rushed upstairs.

I didn't want to talk about anything. I wanted to get a decent amount of sleep and just try and forget what happend, most of all, I didn't want to face Liam tonight.

I slammed my door shut and stripped out of my clothes, until I was in my boxers and then flopped down on my bed, hugging the duvet covers over me.

Chloe's POV

Zayn raced inside so quickly I didn't see his whole face for a second. I sighed and suddenly felt an arm go round me. I looked up nervously but soon relaxed when I saw Harry. He gave me a reassuring smile and whispered," don't worry about Zayn. I don't know what happened between you guys but he still loves you and I know that you do, you just don't know yet."

He then flashed me another smile and walked away. I stood there partly shocked and partly confused. What did he mean? I knew that Zayn still loved me even though everytime he looked at me, it just seemed that he hated me.

And that flashback I had had. I could tell from the way I had remembered it that I hadn't been happy that he liked someone. I just wanted to find out who the girl was. Then I would be fine. I wanted to know what had happened to her, that made him love me.

After I realised that I was still outside and it was dark, I rushed in and closed the door. Everyone apart from Zayn was sitting in the kitchen. Niall was raiding the cupboards and for some reason it seemed familiar.

I mean it didn't seem to surprise me that he was this hungry. It just seemed... normal. I started laughing and all the boys looked at me. "What?" I chuckled. "Why are you laughing?" asked Harry. "No, it's just the way Niall is eating. It's just normal," I replied.

All the boys eyes widened as I spoke. "You remember that?" asked Louis with a shocked expression. "Um, yeah?" I said, slightly confused. "You remember that. Oh my god, you remember something," said Harry happily.

"Yeah, I have been getting flashbacks and stuff," I muttered self-conciously. "What?" asked Niall, stuffing something like bread into his mouth. "Er, flashbacks," I said. "What did you remember?" asked Liam curiously.

I suddenly realised that I hadn't spoken to Liam since the whole incident and I felt very unsure about myself. I cradled my arm in my hand and mumbled," stuff, you know about..." "About...?" asked Harry.

"...Zayn," I said quietly. "I knew it! I knew it! I knew that you still loved Zayn!" said Harry happily. "I never said they were good things," I said, suddenly very angry and stormed out the room.

Harry's POV

Chloe stormed out the room and I stared at her as she walked out. I didn't mean to make her angry. I thought she would be happy? Liam stood up but I stopped him. "No, I'll go. I know there is something going on between you two and we don't want to make it more complicated so I am going to clear this up because I messed it up."

I didn't wait for an answer and followed her trail up to her room. I paused and then knocked on the door. No one answered so I pushed the door open and saw her sitting on her bed with her head in her hands.

I shut the door as she looked up. "Harry, I-" "Look Chloe, I know you don't want to speak to me but I have to talk to you," I said interrupting her. "No, it wasn't that. I just wanted to... apologise for how I spoke to her. I was just... confused," she mumbled.

I walked over slowly to her and hugged her. "What were you confused about?" I asked. "I had... a f-flashback and I saw, well heard you guys early in the m-morning talking about some girl that Zayn liked. I can't remember the name, I don't even think I heard it right at the time but it sounded like Clover."

My eyes widened and she looked at me curiously. "You heard it wrong but I won't tell you what actually happened. That should be for Zayn but I can tell you something," I said. "What?" she asked. I got up and started walking to the door.

Just as I was about to leave I said," you still love him Chloe."


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