I Promise

Taylor is heartbroken from her boyfriend leaving. Will he keep his promise?


1. Chapter 1

Taylor's POV:

"Goodbye Taylor." Zayn said with an attempted smile.

"Oh don't say goodbye. Please don't say goodbye." By now we were both in tears.

"This isn't goodbye for good. I promise you I will come back. Just promise me one thing. Please don't date anyone when I'm gone."

I went in to hug him, "I promise Zayn. I love you. Have fun on tour. See you in a year." I smiled through my tears.

"I love you too babe. Stay strong." He kissed me one more time before grabbing his stuff to leave. I don't want him to leave. It will be impossible to get on without his tight grip around me every morning.

Zayn turned around at the door, "Bye." I waved at him knowing if I talked I would burst out crying. I watch him walk out the door. Taking my heart with him.

"Bye" I whispered even though nobody is there. I crumpled to the ground and broke down crying.


7 months later

Taylor's POV:

I can't take this much longer. It feels like eternity since I've seen or even talked to Zayn. Maybe I should Skype him in a little bi-

"TAYLOR COME DOWNSTAIRS! I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU" Oh yeah. I've gotten a roommate so I could feel less lonely and cope with Zayn not being here. Her name is Felecia and she's dating Niall so she knows what I'm going through. I walked downstairs and froze. A huge smile appeared on my face.

"NIALL!" I said and attacked him in a hug. If Niall's here then Zayn should be too!

"Haha. Hi Taylor. Someone's happy to see me." I giggled. I looked around for Zayn. I frowned and sighed.

"Looking for Zayn?" Niall asked.

"Yeah.. but I guess he isn't here." I started walking back upstairs with tears rolling down my face. I mean it's Valentine's day, the least he could do is come here with Niall. I curled up under neath my covers and started crying even harder than when Zayn left. Did he move on? Did Zayn break his promise and forget about me? Is he even coming back?

"Taylor, Zayn didn't forgot." Niall said coming inside. Was I talking out loud?

"Then where is he! You could come but not him?" I screamed at him. Felecia came in the room with water and sat on the bed hugging me.

"Go get that dress I got you last month and put it on. Then I'll do your makeup and hair." She said with a smile.

"What, why?" I said confused.

"Just do it." Niall said. I sighed and got up defeated.

**Skip her getting dressed**

I walked out of the bathroom wearing a red one shoulder dress with a pink rose on the strap. The dress goes about to my mid thigh. I sighed.

"Come here. Niall no peaking!" Felecia said with a giggle. She pulled me into her room and then into her jumbo size make up room. Woah. She never lets anyone use her make up or even be in this room! Not even me!

She pulled me over to her huge make up chair and told me to sit down. Then she went over and grabbed a curling iron, pink eye shadow, eyeliner, high heels, lipstick, and some mascara.

"Here." She handed me the curling iron to plug in. Once in warmed up she curled my hair into small beach waves. Next up make up!

"Close your eyes, Taylor." I did. She applied pink eye shadow to my eyes. Then she lined my upper eye lid with black eyeliner.

"Open." She told me to blink against the mascara brush so I did. Then she lined my lower eye lid with eyeliner.

"Pucker up. Haha not that much!" I laughed and loosened my lips up a little bit. She put on some lipstick. I think it was like a fruit punch color.

"Ta da! All done!" She handed me a mirror and I gasped. I have never looked this pretty before in my life! She has to do my makeup more often!

She laughed, "Come on Niall's waiting for you." Wait why Niall? That's her boyfriend. I shrugged and walked downstairs with Felecia behind me holding my shoes.

"You look amazing Taylor!" Niall said and walked me out the door to a limo. We got inside.

**15 min later**

"We're here Taylor. Come on." He helped me out of the limo and led me over to a table and sat me down.

"Bye." He said. Wait what?

"Where are you going? Are you leaving me here alone?" he laughed.

"No. I'm going hang out with my girlfriend." He smiled and walked to the limo. He got in and the limo pulled away.

Someone put their hands over my eyes, "Guess who?" Oh. My. Gosh,

I turned around, "ZAYN!!! I thought you forgot!" I smiled.

"Me? Forget about you? Babe that's impossible!" He said and I laughed. I leaned in and smashed my lips on his. Man have I missed doing this. He smiled through the kiss and licked my bottom lip asking for permission. I let his tongue go inside my mouth and I bit his lip. He groaned and pulled away with a huge smile on his face. He sat down across from me and Harry came over with food.

"Wow. You got Harry to help?" He laughed.

"Not just Harry. Niall was in charge of getting you here. Felecia was in charge of getting you ready. Liam was in charge of getting the limo. Louis was in charge of picking the dish. Harry is our waiter and I set this all up." I looked around in amazement. This must've taken forever!

"Thank you Zayn. I love you." I said.

"I love you too babe."

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