love songs

emily scotts life was a normal girl but when her parents got divorced her life changed immediately into the hell on earth. she lives with her dad now. her mom past away a couple years ago where she first lived.


1. torn

Emily scott pov

my father punched me.                                                                                                                                                                        again my body is full of bruises and scars.                                                                                     I want to escape. 

He came iinroom                                                                                                                                                                                                                      with a dark smile on his face                                                   

He came closer to me                             

He lay right next to me                                                         He started to touch me                                                          and pulled his pants down and.....  

  i was broken                                                                    i can't believe it                                                                 He took my virginity away

i took my normal clothes on                                                     i climb out of my window                                                         and started to run



i heard my scream                                                                     i kept running                                                                   He was too drunk to came after me

It went dark and I was tired                                                      so I sat down to a cold wall                                                     and started crying

I heard someone                                                                  so I tried to hide                                                                but he saw me  

He came over to me                                                             He looked like a nice blond guy                                                 but he had a serious face                                                        

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