The reviewer *Back open!*

Hi! I know lots of people do reviewing so sorry if its a bit annoying!:) I came across a movella and asked if i could do a reveiw thing to. The writer was very nice and said yes:) So leave a comment underneath if you would like me to review something i would be very happy to:) p.s Maybe it could help people find out about your book?


5. Review Five. Renesme at Hogwarts, by Katniss Malfoy

Renesme at Hogwarts is a story about when Renesme receives an owl explaining she will be going to Hogwarts! A well written story which is shown from a small child's point of view really well.

Area to improve: Perhaps a few more chapters to get into a bit more of an adventure. Also a little more description.

                                                             Rating: 8 out of 10   

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