I'm His Little Sister

Anna Horan, Just a normal teenage girl, but what happens when Niall comes home for a few weeks over Christmas, bringing the youngest of the five boys with him? Over the majority of those weeks Niall finds some things out about his two siblings, Anna's being abused by her current boyfriend which leads her to multiple things in her life and Greg is expecting a child with his girlfriend who is cheating on him. The day Niall and Harry get there, the three Horan siblings find out their father has gotten into a tragic car crash coming home, then their mom has a total melt down. The same day their mom is shot. Anna at that point had a choice to go with Niall or Greg. But who will she choose? Harry Styles, Niall's youngest band mate also becomes close to the youngest Horan sibling, who is younger than him. Harry and Anna both slowly find themselves falling for each other, but Niall and Greg being the over protective brother they are, would never let them be as one...or will they?


3. The Fight

I hadn't even realized I fell asleep honestly. My blue eyes staring up at my brothers, my body sweating, and face red. I was caught in a nightmare about what happened earlier with Tristan. I honestly could not escape from that mess. I slowly raised up and bit my bottom lip.

"Yeah?" The words rolled off my lips softly and quietly, as if someone was holding a gun to my head.

"You looked like you were having a panic attack...in your sleep. Are you okay, love?" Niall asked as he stroked my brunette hair back.

"I'm okay." My lips barely opened. "Are you sure about that?" Someone asked. I was confused until I realized that the curly haired boy was still in our home. I bit my bottom lip and glares at him as I rose from my spot on the couch and walked out of the room.

GREAT! Thanks to him my brothers now know for sure something's wrong! I teared up as u heard a pair of boots behind me and followed me.

"Leave me alone, Harry!" I exclaimed though tears. I was about to go a lock myself in another room, but was stopped. Harry had shoved his boot in the frame of the door so I couldn't shut or lock it. He walked in behind me and locked it.

"Why won't you tell your brothers?!" He growled slightly.

"Because I just don't want them to know! Their my brothers, not my body guards! If their not there when it happens then they don't need to know!" I screamed at him, "Yet you told me." He smirks.

"Your such a dick." I shook my head.

"Sweetheart, I have one yes, and can do a lot with it. You tell them or I will." He threatened. I didn't know if it was because he cared or if he just hated me. Probably hate, he barely knows me.

"I don't want them to know! DAMN IT, HARRY!" I screamed at him before I was shoved against a wall. A grown forming. Fuck he was strong, if felt like my back was broken. His eyes immediately widened and he backed away. "I-I'm so sorry." He whispered. I slide down the wall and groans.

"You tell them, please I can't." I whispered in tears. He nodded and kissed my temple before walking out. I knew he told them when I heard two familiar Irish accents screaming profanities.

My eyes shut tight until I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me. "C'mon, love. Lets get you in a bath and in bed." He whispered and took me upstairs to my room.

He walked in and shut my door and locked it before walking into my walk in bathroom and started a warm bath. As it was running, he undressed me and helped me in. Why was I trusting him? He could treat me just like Tristan...yet he's containing himself? He added some vanilla scented bubbles in before helping me wash off. He poured some shampoo in his hands and slowly massaged it into my brunette hair. After washing it out, he added some conditioner.

Once I was done, he helped me dry off and get dressed. Once dressed in some comfortable pajamas, he went a tucked me in. He turned my box fan on that is on my nightstand and then stripped to his boxers before climbing in bed and spooning me from behind.

"Goodnight, love..." He whispered in my ear before kissing my temple. I stayed quiet for a few minutes before I repeated.

"Goodnight..." I whispered before slowly falling into a deep, dark sleep, knowing I was protected.

NOTE: SOOOOO Sorry the chapter is so short! I was now able to update on my phone and stuff so I decided to finally get a chapter up on at least one of my stories. Love all of you! Please Like and comment and I may take character requests soon!:)

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