I'm His Little Sister

Anna Horan, Just a normal teenage girl, but what happens when Niall comes home for a few weeks over Christmas, bringing the youngest of the five boys with him? Over the majority of those weeks Niall finds some things out about his two siblings, Anna's being abused by her current boyfriend which leads her to multiple things in her life and Greg is expecting a child with his girlfriend who is cheating on him. The day Niall and Harry get there, the three Horan siblings find out their father has gotten into a tragic car crash coming home, then their mom has a total melt down. The same day their mom is shot. Anna at that point had a choice to go with Niall or Greg. But who will she choose? Harry Styles, Niall's youngest band mate also becomes close to the youngest Horan sibling, who is younger than him. Harry and Anna both slowly find themselves falling for each other, but Niall and Greg being the over protective brother they are, would never let them be as one...or will they?


2. Comfort...from him?(Warning: Language is involved in this Chapter and in all chapters in the future!!)

Anna's P.O.V.

I didn't know what to do anymore. My whole world had came crashing down! Both my parents dead and my old brother had a asshole staying with us. I didn't thing anyone was there for me. I've been getting raped and abused by my boyfriend, Tristan. My parents gone. Two older brothers who probably don't care about me. It breaks my heart.

Tristan was sweet as could be the first few days we started dating. He bought be Roses to school in the mornings before class, wrote me sweet letters, it was after about a week after we started dating it began. He had met my parents and Greg and they loved him! Well...My dad and Greg were very wary about him, until they started talking about football and stuff. Niall still hasn't met Tristan, but has heard about him.

I saw my phone light up constantly. They were voicemails and texts from Tristan.

From: Tristan

To: Anna

Look, Babe. I'm sorry...you know I didn't mean too. Please call me.


From: Tristan

To: Anna

Look here you little Bitch! You better answer me or it won't be pretty next time!

Thats how it all was. He threatened me, hurt me, used me, but I could never get over him. Almost a year and yet I'm still fucking stupid as can be. I've been hurt by all my exes. The first time Tristan hit me was out of stress and anger.


"Baby...what's wrong?" I asked quietly as i sat by him on his bed.

"Nothings wrong." His voice was darkened with aggervastion.

"Please...Talk to me. I wanna he-." I was suddenly cut off when I felt a hand connect to my cheek. A yelp elicted from my throat.

"Oh my gosh! Baby, I'm so so sorry." He suddenly leaned over and engulfed me in a warm and comforting hug.

"I'm sorry. I've just been stressed with football starting. I love you, you know that." I simply nodded, "Please forgive me." He whispered in my ear. "As long as it never happens again." I stated. "Deal!" He excalimed.

-Present Time-

I laid on my bed with my face burried in my pillow when I felt a hand on my back. My first instinct is to curl up and back away. "Love, what's wrong?" I heard a familar accent. I looked up a saw the brunette curls.

"Go away." I stated. "No! Talk to me!" I sighed and started explaining, except Tristan.

-A Few Hours Later-

We were all sitting around ordering dinner at this point and a movie. Chinese and scary movies. WHY?! Half way through the movie I fell asleep out of being scared and tired. I started getting hot and sweaty. "Anna..." I heard someone whisper, but couldn't move. 'ANNA!" I suddenly woke to Niall and Greg looking down at me.

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