I can't change (a one direction fanfiction)

Gabby is that one girl at school who everyone bullies. She hates her life but the only things that keep her going are basketball and that she has tickets to see her favourite boyband, one direction in two months. But one day she goes to her basketball training and receives a text as she walks in 'trainings cancelled' but one person that she sees there will change her life forever.


6. truth circle

Niall's POV

She looked so cute sitting there watching the movies. I sat next to her hoping that she'd get scared so I could cuddle her but she wasn't scared at all. I know I've only just met her but I really like her and I think I might be falling for her. I know that someone as beautiful and as funny as her would definitely have a boyfriend. I know she wouldn't like me. I can't stop thinking about her. Because none of us know Gabby very well we decided to do a truth circle which is when everyone gets to ask one person a question but if they don't want to answer it then they have to do a dare. We were sitting in a circle and the order was Gabby, Liam, Harry, Zayn, Louis and then me. We decided to start asking Gabby questions first. Liam asked her how many boyfriends she's had. Her answer was two.

Gabby's POV.

It was all going fine and I answered all of the questions. Well, that was until Louis asked me who I fancy (have a crush on) out of the boys. I didn't want to answer that because I like Niall but I know that he will never like me back. Louis dared me to go outside with a sign around me saying 'I did drugs and my mum found out so this is my punishment' for half an hour. Half way through a police car drove past and noticed me there and stopped the car. They were about to take me into the car but I told them that it was a dare. They went to the door and asked the boys and Louis told them that he dared me to do that. They left and we all went inside. We decided to continue our game, it was Niall's turn.

"Why didn't you want to answer Louis' question?" Niall asked me.

"Because I don't want to make it awkward by saying who I like out of all of you and none of you would like me back." I answered.

Harry's POV

When she answered that I knew it was completely wrong. I can tell that Niall and Liam both like her. We continued our truth circle and I ended up finding out a lot about Gabby. We decided that it was getting late so we went to bed. Gabby was in the spare room that we have which is next door to mine.

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