I can't change (a one direction fanfiction)

Gabby is that one girl at school who everyone bullies. She hates her life but the only things that keep her going are basketball and that she has tickets to see her favourite boyband, one direction in two months. But one day she goes to her basketball training and receives a text as she walks in 'trainings cancelled' but one person that she sees there will change her life forever.


2. school

Gabby's POV

I am peacefully sleeping and having the best dream ever but then... beep, beep, beep. I roll over to turn off my alarm and get up. I have to go to school today, I hate school. Why you may ask. ill tell you why. You know how there's always that girl who has two friends and everyone else hates her and bullies her? At my school that's me. I get ready and go to the bus stop (we have a school bus that I catch). Luckily I'm the only one at the stop but I have the two girls who bully me the most on my bus: Angela and Emily. They bully me because Angela's ex broke up with her because he liked me, that was the day my life turned from good to terrible. Angela and Emily are the two most popular girls at my  school. My bus stops and I sigh, trying to get ready for all the nasty comments. I step on the bus and my phones immediately snatched off me. I'm a huge directioner, and I'm also a Niall girl so my lock screen is a picture of him. Unfortunately Angela's  also a Niall girl.

"Why's your lock screen a picture of my boyfriend Gabby?" Angela yelled at me.

"He's not your boyfriend," My best friend Rosie said "You haven't even met him."

"It doesn't matter because as soon as they meet it will be love at first sight," said Emily

"If they ever meet." I muttered under my breath. But with my luck they heard me and Angela slapped me and pushed me into the seat at the front. Rosie went to go get my phone off her and she came back with it.

*After school*

I finally got home after a long day of torture. I have basketball training tonight so at least I have something good today. Today was probably one of the worst days ever. We got put in pairs for this big project and you'll never guess who my teacher put me with. Jeremy. He's the one that made all of this start. The one who ruined my life.


Angela comes running to me crying.

"what's wrong Angie?" I ask

"he. He b, b, broke up w,w,with me" she cried. I comforted her and then he came and asked to speak to me. I went not knowing that that would ruin my life, turn my best friemd amd the whole school against me. He asked me out and I said no. But little did I know that Angela was just around the corner listening.

"You b****. It's your fault that he broke up with me," she said "I hate you and I never want to talk to you again!" And wkith that she ran off. I chased after her but it was no use, her brother had a car and I didn't

*end of flashback*

I cant believe the teacher would put me with him, he knows exactly what happened. I knew that teacher hated me. I look at the time and realize I have to leave for basketball now. At least I have something good today.

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