I can't change (a one direction fanfiction)

Gabby is that one girl at school who everyone bullies. She hates her life but the only things that keep her going are basketball and that she has tickets to see her favourite boyband, one direction in two months. But one day she goes to her basketball training and receives a text as she walks in 'trainings cancelled' but one person that she sees there will change her life forever.


3. basketball

I arrive at my basketball training and the second I walk in my phone beeps. 'trainings been cancelled-Ally' of course this would happen to me on this day. What a great ending to an even better day. I sill have half an hour until the next bus comes so I may as well shoot around for a bit or see if anyone wants to play a match. I can see some people walking around asking people. "Would you like to play a match with me and some others" A pretty girl who looks around 16 years old asks me.

"I'd love to!" I reply. I follow her back to a group of 9 I guess they were looking for one more person to play a match. There are 6 boys and 4 girls including me. The first girl has curly blonde hair that really long, pale skin and is a bit short. She looks like she'd be the same age as me, she introduced herself as Morgan. The next girl who is the one that asked me to play has straight black hair that goes just past her shoulders. She has tanned skin like mine and her name is Molly. The last girl has blonde hair that's been dip-dyed purple the hair really suits her, im not usually a fan of purple hair. Her name is Annie. One of the boys is called Adam and he is really tall, around 16 years old. I turn to the next boy to see who he is, I almost stop breathing. I am about to play basketball with Liam Payne. The Liam Payne from One Direction, the worlds biggest boy band. One of the five boys who I love so much and have spent so much time trying to get noticed by. I can't believe this. The worst day has just turned into the best day ever. The other boys are called James, Jayden, Trent, Kevin and Lucas. We split into teams i'm with Liam, Molly, Trent, Lucas and Jayden. We start playing and it seems like we are all at a pretty similar level. Well except for Liam and James, they are definitely the best out of all of us. I still can't believe that i'm playing basketball with Liam Payne. I hear little things playing in the background and Liam starts to laugh. I blush as I realize that that's my phone ringing. I go answer it.

'Gabby where are you' My mum yells at me 'Its 9:15 you should have been home half an hour ago!'

"Sorry my training was cancelled and I ended up playing a match with some other people" I apologised "I guess I lost track of time."

"Ok I don't mind you doing that but next time let me know first. I was really worried about you. Ill come and pick you up in half an hour."

"Ok bye mum" I hung up after my mum said bye to me and went back to the others. Liam was still laughing and had a smile on his hot face. I blush and look down trying to hide it, but Liam realizes and laughs even more.

"Your a directioner?" He asks but obviously knows that I am. I mean who would have little things as their ringtone and not be a directioner. "would you like to catch one day and maybe you can meet the boys." He smiled at me as he says this.

"I'd love to," I say. he grabs my phone off me and puts his number in and takes a photo for his contact. He hands me his phone and I put my number in and write 'Gabby Clinger' as the contact name. I decide not to put a photo of me and give it back to Liam. he looks at his phone and smiles, holds it up. Before I can realize what he's doing I hear the click from the camera.

"I ring you and see when we can catch up,"

"Ok ill see you soon. It was nice to meeting you." He says bye as my mum's car pulls up I hop in and we drive home. I am quiet the whole car ride but inside I'm fangirling. I met Liam Payne he asked me for my number and i'm going to meet the rest of One Direction.

*At home that night*

I can't sleep at all! I still can't believe that Liam Payne asked for my number and that I am going to meet one direction. It's 2am and I am very happy that it's the weekend so I can sleep in if I manage to fall asleep at all tonight.

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