Truly Madly Deeply 2

Liam and Zyla have been together a few weeks. After one of those weeks Zyla being very sick, Liam takes her to the doctor for them to learn Zyla has leukemia. Trying to stick tough to eachother, Zyla and Liam take on the deadly cancer together, and fight together for the better.


4. Locks of Love

Yes, I do realize the to victory part sounded nerdy, but I still haven't recovered from the Rome unit at school. In fact, Liam and I do go and get my hair cut, but I do make sure there's some left, enough for me to style it enough so it looks decent. I smile at the thought of me an the boys having matching hair-do's.
The lady cutting my hair was about to throw the severed hair into the garbage, but Liam stops her.
"Excuse me, but we need to keep that. It's kinda the point we came here in the first place." He says kindly.
"Why?" She asks haughtily.
"Because I just got diagnosed with cancer, and I plan on getting a wig made from it." I say. Tears immediately build in her eyes.
"I'm so sorry, I didn't know.... Here let me help you." She says stooping down to pick it up, she puts it in a zip-lock bag and hands it to me.
"Good-luck." She says softly. We leave.
"She's nice." I say.
"Yeah." Liam says. "We could just go to locks of love today. Get it done early. We still have half a day left."
"Cool." I say.
It takes fifteen minutes of silence until we get there. I walk in the shop.
"Hello." I say.
"Hi! How can I help you today? Are you donating?" The bubbly girl says merrily.
", I have some of my own hair and I was wondering if I could get it made for myself, because I have cancer." I say.
"I think so...... One sec." The girl says and walks away from the counter and starts talking with someone. The girl comes back.
"Sure! Make sure you write your name on the baggy. I'll make sure personally that it's well kept for." She says.
"Thanks." I say smiling for once that day.

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