Truly Madly Deeply 2

Liam and Zyla have been together a few weeks. After one of those weeks Zyla being very sick, Liam takes her to the doctor for them to learn Zyla has leukemia. Trying to stick tough to eachother, Zyla and Liam take on the deadly cancer together, and fight together for the better.


3. Game Plan

"Well, this is EXCITING." Louis says. I got so mad I punch him full on the jaw.
"Douface!" I scream. "I have a life threatening disease and you're joking about it!"
"What am I supposed to do?" He yells back.
"Shut your big mouth, that's what!" I reply. He opens an closes his mouth like a fish gas pinging for air. He then sits down and glares me down.
"That's right. Sit your butt down and shush." I say. Liam smiles slightly.
"What are you going to do?" Niall asks.
"Do I have a choice? I have to take treatment." I say.
"Do you know what type? Please not Chemo! It would ruin your hair!" Zayn says.
"We'll, sorry Zayn, the doctor said the best option was chemo...." I say.
"What about your hair? Are you going to let it fall out?" Harry asks.
"Well....." I say remembering the joke I had kept a few years ago.
"We're listening...." Liam says.
"When I was younger, everyone was jealous of my long hair. They told me I should get it cut short. I always replied saying, 'this is my safeguard. If I ever get cancer, I'll get it all cut off and I'll get a wig made of my own hair.'." I say slowly.
"That's your game plan?" Louis asks from the couch.
"So far, I think that's the best idea I've heard." Zayn says to him.
"Then it's set. Today cost cutters, tomorrow, locks of love!" Liam says.
"To victory!" I say smiling.
"To victory!" The boys cheer.

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