Truly Madly Deeply 2

Liam and Zyla have been together a few weeks. After one of those weeks Zyla being very sick, Liam takes her to the doctor for them to learn Zyla has leukemia. Trying to stick tough to eachother, Zyla and Liam take on the deadly cancer together, and fight together for the better.


2. Break it to the Boys

We get in the car, Liam drives and I call Mama.
"What is it? I'm in the middle of a meeting sweetie!" Mama says.
"No, mama, Liam took me to the doctors office because I've been feeling really sick recently.."
"That's great honey! Love you!"
"Mom! I have leukemia!" I yell.
Silence on the other end.
"That's right! Love you too, mama. Have a time while you're there in New York." I say an hang up the phone. I start crying again. Liam pulls up the car into the house in which all the boys hung out at. He wraps an arm around my shoulder and leads me into the house. All the boys hop off the couch when they see me crying. They escort me to a spot on the couch and Liam plops down next to me and start stroking my hair.
"Zyla, what's wrong?" Niall, my best friend, asks.
"I have leukemia." I sob. Everyone looks at each other, trying to figure out what i had said because I had said it so unintelligible.
"I have leukemia!"I say loudly. All the boys look shocked.
"Really?" Zayn asks.
"More sure than knowing earth has gravity." I say.

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