Falling in Short

Summer Dally is an average teenager by day, she goes to school and hangs out with friends...
But not everything about her life is normal.. Her parents fight all the time and summer gets scarce, will things become to much for the teenager?


2. The plane ride..

It's 4am and I am up, because I have to be on a plane to London at 6am!
Could this get any worse?
I walk around my room and check if I've forgotten anything and nope not a thing!
I quickly grab my laptop, laptop charger and phone charger and shove them in my carry on bag!
Yep now I'm ready!
Bring on this summer *note the sarcasm*

"MOM!" I yell
'I'm here, are you ready?' She asks with a small smile
'Yeah I think so, where's your bags?' I ask quietly.
'There already in the car! Now hurry up or we will be late!' She says quickly

The car ride to the airport take about a half an hour so I put my headphones in and listen to one direction, their voices are really soothing..

I must have fallen asleep cause the next thing I know I'm being woken up by my mum
'Honey, we are at the airport you need to wake up!' She says loudly.

We walk into the airport and it's about 5:30am, so we sit and talk for a while.
Now it's about 5:45 and it's time to check in.
'Mom come on we have to check in' I say quietly
'No hon, you have to check in.' She says quietly. 'Im not going with you to London, you need some time away from here' she continues.
'Why didn't you tell me?' I say angrily
'Because I knew if I told you you would refuse to go, now go your going to be late!' She says quickly.
I hug her and kiss her as tears are streaming down my face.
'Bye mom' I say quietly. I start walking away
'SUMMER!' My mum yells
I turn around, 'yeah mum?'
'Your cousin Louis is going to pick you up and you'll be stating with him for the summer break, please have fun and don't let Louis get you in to much trouble! I love you honey' she cries
'I love you too mum and I will try not to get in trouble but knowing Louis that will be hard' I laugh.

'I gotta go mum' I hug her.
I walk away from her in tears.

I get in the plane and sit down next to a window.
This is it 3 whole months away from her.
Three whole months with Louis and his friends.
Three whole months of doing whatever!
I'm going to make this trip the best one ever!

I must have fallen asleep during the flight cause the next thing I know I'm being woken up by the stewardess
'Darling we've landed in London, time to get of the plane now' she says quietly
'Thankyou' I say as I grab my bag and my phone.
I walk into the airport and grab my luggage.
I look around for Louis but I can find him..

Then I see a familiar boy with a stripper shirt and suspenders on! HAHA
'LOUIS' I scream as I run towards him
He hears me and spins around!
'SUMMER' he screams and runs up to me and hugs me really tight!
'God Lou, you havnt changed one bit' I laugh as I pull his suspenders
'Neither have you Sum, still my annoying beautiful cousin' he laughs!
'Aww I only annoy you' I stick my tounge out at him
'Errm Lou' I hear from behind him
'Ohh oops, summer this is Liam, Liam this is summer' he says and moves to the side!
'Nice to meet you Liam' I grin
'It's nice to finally meet you to summer' Liam laughs
'Well we better get going, it's about an hour drive to our house' says Lou.
All three of us go to the car and I sit in the back and listen to music and try and sleep.

*sorry the chapter was crappy, I'm only new at this! Please no hate! <3 love yous! *

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