Falling in Short

Summer Dally is an average teenager by day, she goes to school and hangs out with friends...
But not everything about her life is normal.. Her parents fight all the time and summer gets scarce, will things become to much for the teenager?


1. 1. 'WHAT?' This can't be happening..

Summer's POV:
*RING RING RING* I'm woken up to my phone going off.
Who the hell is calling me and waking me up!
This better be good.
'Hello?' I answer softly.
'Honey, it's your father..'
Ohh my god! Will this ever end! They fight non stop all the time, it drives me insane! Hmph.
I sighed 'What happened this time mum?'
'Honey, your father was in a head on collision with a truck... He didn't survive..' My mum sobbed.
'W-WHAT? I can believe this had happened!' I cried.
'Im sorry summer' my mum sighed.
'NOT ITS NOT OKAY' I yelled at her.
'Listen mum? I gotta go' I quickly hung up before she answered,
I really didn't need her to feel sorry for me..

How could this be happening! Fml.

I have the next few weeks off school so I can be with my family,

We are flying to London to see my cousin Louis,
Me and Louis were so close it's like we are brother and sister until he auditioned for x-factor,
When he go through in a group I knew they were going be big.
And now 2 years later I havnt seen of even got one message from him.
Mum rang him the other day to tell him about dad and be offered to fly us up to see him.
I can't wait, 2 years is a long time.
I bet he doesn't remember me.
Anyways I better get some sleep, got to wake up early tomorrow to catch the plane!

*sorry I'm new to this so the chapters arnt very long -.- but I hope it's okkay*
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