Eternal Love A Kol Mikaelson Fan-fiction


1. Vamp Charming

' I was half unconscious when I was taken to an ancient Burial ground with a young man placing me on an altar. ' "Do you think she'll like being what we are? I mean I had to knock her family out cold they'll think she's missing. But she won't be leaving if she's sired." The boy said "Patience, Kol. I will now cast the spell to end her life, you will mix in your blood and feed it to her while I cast the ancient spell that turned you and your siblings into vampires she will need to feed once she awakens." Esther said chanting as Kol slit his wrist with a thick rock and as Esther cast the spell, Kol had fed me his blood I was awakening in shock pulling away from Kol's arm breathing heavily and dropped a few short seconds later "Now that she has died with your blood in her bloodstream, I will now resurrect her soul into her reborn state." Esther said casting the spell as I gasped startled "Ow! My gums are killing me." I said rubbing my jaw "She's now in transition. Now she must feed off a human, in order to live." Esther said "You want me to drink blood? That's disgusting." I said wiping the trickle of blood from my mouth "You either drink or you die." Esther said "I found one, Mother." Kol said dragging one by his feet. "Now bring it over for her to complete the transition." Esther said "What am I even doing here?" I asked "My son, Kol needs a special someone in his life to keep him in track and cooled down." Esther said "Drink up, love." Kol said 'This had been a new beginning, tomorrow, I'd go for my first hunt. I had become a vampire.' TBC
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