Nothing Like Us

Sequel to "I Want You"
Justin got into an accident on his motorcycle, he is at the hospital in a coma.
When he wakes up and doesn't remember anything, can Amber make him remember what they had? His family? His life? Who he is?


8. Twitter Alert

Justin's POV-

When we finally got to leave the hospital, I instantly got on Twitter to clear everything up."

"@amber123 and I finally get to leave the hospital! All good everyone, thank 4 the luv! <3"

I instantly got comments flooding in, I'll check them later though, well, I was going to until I saw one about Amber.

It said "Leave that slut and get with me instead, it'll be a lot better for the both of us, instead of dating that girl whos just doin it 4 the $."

I got mad, of course, how would I not!! I instantly tweeted back "@kitkatbelieber Im glad u r a belieber, but once u hate on my gf, who I'm in love with, I don't really appreciate u that much, check yo language and don't say crap about my girl."

I don't care what I just said to that girl, I know it'll be all over the internet and the news later, but I don't care, I'm just protecting Amber.

"Whats wrong?" Amber asked, I had forgotten I was in the car around everyone.

"Nothing." I lied.

"Justin, we have been together for almost a year and a half now, I can tell when somethings bothering you." She said.

"I said nothings wrong!!!" I said, raising my voice a little, but not meaning to.

"Justin, calm down." She said putting her hand on my shoulder.

"Sorry, I really am." I said, now upset with myself.

"Justin, please tell me whats wrong." She said, I looked over at her, I couldn't say No to that face, that pouty lip and pleading chocolate brown eyes, I couldn't help it.

"Someone tweeted something to me about you, and I took care of it so don't worry."

"Justin, you gotta learn to control your anger, and theres goona be hate, there always will be." She replied.

I knew she was right, but I just couldn't admit it, I care to much for people to say stuff to her like that.

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