Nothing Like Us

Sequel to "I Want You"
Justin got into an accident on his motorcycle, he is at the hospital in a coma.
When he wakes up and doesn't remember anything, can Amber make him remember what they had? His family? His life? Who he is?


25. Telling the Beliebers

Justin's POV-

I sat there on the couch laying next to Amber just staring at my blank tweet update, I didn't know what to say.. what if they think I am being selfish? What if they leave me? What if they don't come to the concert they paid for? What if.. Amber cut me out of my daze.

"Justin.. its okay baby." She said.

"I, I don't know what to say, I cant disappoint them..." I said, trying not to cry.

"Your REAL Beliebers won't be mad babe, it's okay." She said hugging me. I laid my head on her shoulder.

"I know..." So then I began to type, 'My dear Beliebers, I really need a break. I don't want to disappoint you guys, but I am taking 3 weeks off to spend with Amber and my family. The tickets u bought will still work for the rescheduled date. Don't worry. I love u all and I hope u rnt mad. Please understand. Luv u.' I typed and posted, then I just started crying.

"Baby it's okay.. it's okay.. you need this.. you need a break, we need a break." She said. I laid my head on her lap and cried, she just rubbed my back and stayed quiet.

"I love are the best.." I said.

"I love you too baby.." She whispered back to me.

She continued to rub my back, then I fell to sleep.


I woke up to the rapid buzzing of my phone, I looked around and realized I was still in the living room laying on Amber's lap. I looked up and saw her sleeping. I smiled at the sight of her sleeping, she is so sweet and peaceful.

I got up slowly and carefully from her lap and picked her up and carried her upstairs into my room and laid her down in bed, then I sat on the other side of my bed and checked my phone. I had a crazy amount of twitter notifications.

I got on twitter and checked what everyone said to my tweet.

"Oh yes good! I am not mad at you Justin! I know you need a break! Come back rested and happy! Always a Belieber, love you!" I smiled at that, and re-tweeted it and followed her, then replied "love you too(:"

I went through all the comments and they were mostly good, I followed some people, replied to some people, re-tweeted some people. But then I got to the bad ones.

"Screw you Justin, never a fan again, I hate you." one said. "How dare you! so selfish, never a fan again, I hate you, douchbag."

I read through more and began to cry... I lost so many fans tonight... but Amber is right, they aren't real Beliebers.

"thank u 2 all of the people who understand..u guys r the true beliebers, love u." I tweeted then sat my phone on the night stand and slid in bed next to Amber, I wrapped my arms around her, kissed her on the forehead and whispered "I love you." and closed my eyes and soon fell to sleep.



I am really the worst person ever..probably nobody is going to read my story now ;( I am sooooo soooo sooo sorry for not updating! I had the busiest year of my life, and I never got the time... I am so so so so so soooo sorry :( I promise I will start updating regularly again.. please forgive me! and still continue to read! please! :( I love you all<3


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