Nothing Like Us

Sequel to "I Want You"
Justin got into an accident on his motorcycle, he is at the hospital in a coma.
When he wakes up and doesn't remember anything, can Amber make him remember what they had? His family? His life? Who he is?


17. Skating and Tweets

Amber's POV-

When we got into the skating rink we got out skates and started skating around.

The ice was really slippery. I was up ahead of everyone, and I almost slipped and fell backwards but I felt to strong arms catch me, I turned around and smiled... it was Justin.

"Hey baby." He said and kissed me.

"Hey." I said and smiled.

15 minutes later

I was tired of skating but everyone else was still having fun so I just excused myself from the rink and went and bought a coke.

When I got my Coke I went and sat down alone in a booth, I pulled out my phone and logged into my twitter, I haven't been on it in ages.

I had a bunch of mentions so I decided to look at them and reply to some of them. I also now had 3 million followers..woah.

I smiled at some of the comments and replied "Thank you xx" to a bunch of them.

There was one that caught my eye though..

It was from someone named @wehateamber *ouch that uhmm...hurts* "how about you just go kill yourself you little slut. you don't love Justin your just using him. so die in a whole you little bitch. make some slits on those little skinny wrists."

I felt some tears stream down my face, "I cant let this bother me" I whispered to myself, but it happened, when I saw the 2.4 million retweets and that this person had 9 million followers it kinda kinda killed me inside.

I started bawling. I ran out of the skating rink and just kept running.

I forgot that I didn't tell anyone I was leaving, but I didn't care. I ran back to Justin's house and ran up into his bathroom. I grabbed a razor and made 12 slits on each wrist. It hurt so bad but felt so good. I haven't told Justin or mentioned it but when im out alone I get a lot of hate from people when I walk by, and also on twitter, Instagram, youtube, everywhere.

I decided to take a picture of my wrists and post it on Instagram, I set the timer on my camera and stood up so it would show my whole body, my frown, my tear stained, mascara covered face, with my bleeding slit wrists.

When I got the picture I put the caption "You won" and posted it.

I turned off my phone and walked out of the hallway, but something happened and I walked out of the bathroom and collapsed, everything went black.

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