Nothing Like Us

Sequel to "I Want You"
Justin got into an accident on his motorcycle, he is at the hospital in a coma.
When he wakes up and doesn't remember anything, can Amber make him remember what they had? His family? His life? Who he is?


14. Meeting Their Girls

Amber's POV-

We were all chilling on the couch when the door bell rang, "I got it!" Ryan yelled jumping up and running to the door.

I laughed, "Why is he so excited to open a door?" I asked Chaz.

"Oh you'll see." He replied with a wink.

"Yo, dude, don't wink at my girl unless you wanna get your ass kicked." Justin said to Chaz, sticking out his tongue.

We all laughed. Then Ryan walked in with two girls, the one who his arm was around was obviously his girlfriend. Chaz got up and walked over to the other girl and hugged her, she must be his girlfriend.

"Amber, meet my girlfriend Jayme. Jayme this is Amber, Justin's girlfriend." Ryan said introducing us.

"Hey, nice to meet you Jayme." I said smiling.

"You too." She replied with a smile.

"Amber this is my girlfriend Katie, Katie this is Amber." Chaz said.

"Hey Amber! It's so nice to meet you!" She said with a cheeky smile.

"Hey Katie! You too!" I said smiling back.

"Well. not that everyones here. I was wondering if we could all go to the roller stake place then go out to dinner?" Justin asked.

"Yeah!" We all said at the same time. Then we bursted out laughing.

Man I love these guys. And maybe I can finally have some girls to hang out with!

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