Nothing Like Us

Sequel to "I Want You"
Justin got into an accident on his motorcycle, he is at the hospital in a coma.
When he wakes up and doesn't remember anything, can Amber make him remember what they had? His family? His life? Who he is?


22. Be Alright.

Justin's POV-

We were finally able to leave the hospital, I carried Amber out to the car, even though she insisted she could walk herself.

When we got in the car I started driving away from the hospital, I grabbed Ambers hand and held it tightly.

"I love you babe." I said and lifted up her hand to my lips and kissed it gently.

"Never do that again... please.." I said, letting a couple tears fall down my face.

"I love you too," she said and kissed my cheek, "and i'll try."

"No, you cant try, you just cant do it again. I love you. And you can't hurt yourself. Its the worst thing ever to witness, seeing the one you love trying to kill themselves, and are so sad and depressed all the time, all you want to do is help them. I can't let you go. Everything is goona be alright. I promise. I wrote a song for you while you were in the hospital. Tonight I have a concert... I should just cancel it to be with you and to work on that song. I can't have you hurting anymore. I love you too much!" I said to her, now pretty much bawling. I couldn't breath. I was sobbing. I couldn't lose her. Ever. I love her to much. 

"Justin, get out of the car. Please. Pull over." Amber said. So I did. I pulled into a gas station parking lot. I turned off the ignition. And got out of the car. Amber got out and walked around to me. 

"Justin, I promise, that as long as I have you, I never will hurt myself, ever again. I promise. And no. Your not going to cancel that concert. You've already missed enough of them. I will hear the song soon enough. I love you, forever. And never worry, I will just be here with you forever, you make me happy, so it'll be okay." She said and pulled me into a hug, I was now crying even harder, and Amber had started crying too.

"Everything's goona be alright." I whispered.

"I know." She whispered back.


[A/N] Hey! I'm soooo sorry that I haven't updated! This is the busiest school year I've ever had. Between volleyball, homework, and my brothers football! I'm so sorry! I've been trying my best! Please don't hate me!

but okay, I'm a Belieber & a Mahomie, as some of you know if you have read my book Say Somethin'. 

But I WENT TO AUSTIN MAHONES CONCERT HERE IN MICHIGAN LAST NIGHT! I was in the presence of my everything. Him & Justin have saved my life so many times and they don't even know it. :/ but yeah. Love you all my Swaggies! Bye! Xx

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