Karma Doctrine - Universal Law - Part 4


1. Tranquillity


Our actions follow our thought process

and determine our progress or downfall.


Material prosperity

is the definite foundation in life,

but touched by a fraction of spirituality

life gets its fulfillment.


Transcendental meditation

takes the mind on a journey,

to the heart that opens,

and transforms itself into the state of soul.


To be in that eternal state is,

through knowledge gained

by karma in practice.


A wise master says:

provided all the rules are followed, STILL

karma doctrine can never be logical or successful.


It has also been said:

karmic law is imperfect

with its gaps and flaws.


After all what is said and done:

A tranquil and peaceful mind

in a total surrender to supreme soul,

treats society as temple

and universe as God.


Such a person;

leads his life in this world,

respects his fellow beings,

performs in full his part,

remains an ascetic in heart.

And he is "yogi",

"Karmayogi"- an altruistic humanitarian.


(Inspiration: "Manoprasthanam")

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