Karma Doctrine - Universal Law - Part 3



1. Detachment


No regrets over the past, no anxiety for the future

awareness to the present is the way to practise karma

Cherish and learn from the past, accept and live in

the present, place hope and faith in future.  

The child plays with contentment, for the fun in the play,

The man's life is to be lived, contentment as his natural trait.

A mind detached and objective,like a dew drop on lotus petal

accepts life as it comes with its joys and sorrows, unconcerned,

and uncomplaining, for self or for reward.

Un touched by desire or anger,greed or lust envy or arrogance

Such a mind;As clear as cloudless sky,as serene as silent ocean,

shreds the layers of ignorance,and pours the light of knowledge

This is emancipation. The man worthwhile is,

who smiles even when everything goes dead wrong

This is karma in practice-the ability to live life this way.

Spirituality in all actions leads to salvation.


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