The world is ending. The dead are walking and its all my fault. My name is Esmie Grace Watts and im going to save the world that i put in danger.


1. How It All Started

I was your average ten year old girl stubborn, careless and extremely naive unfortunately my blindness has cost so much the entire planet is crumbling away because of my stupid mistake. I'm making this journal because my siky (psychiatrist) thinks I should so here it is, my story. What really happened four years ago. How the disease really spread and I'm so sorry.

Before the spread I came from a pretty well off family my dad was a pretty important microbiologist and my mum was a head teacher at Ctec, the biggest academic school in the country only the brightest students from great Britain were picked to go to Ctec. I wasnt old enough back then but I was a hopeful to join not because my mum was in charge but because from a young age i showed scientific potential.

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