valentines day with 1d

for comp



I was in McDonalds  on my own drinking a milkshake while reading a book when some one sat next to me and said hello I turned around and said hey."Do you know who I am " he questioned me with a smile. I said the way your talking you want

me to know ?? yes he rushed do you know the band 1D

One direction ye they can go 1 direction away from me and hands off except for

Zayn i looked in  dreamy way then went back to my book. He held my chin faced me and kissed me he said well I'm Zayn and I want you to be my Valentine. All I could say is you dont know me though.He said all I dont know is your name but I can see that your a passionate kind hearted book loving simple girl and I like someone like thatnow may I know your name? Im Brooke but I prefer my real name Brooklyn thanks .We talked which seemed like ages but to be honest it was only a hour and a half.He walked with me home and said I will love to see you again.I  gave him a kiss and invited him in he stayed for dinner that night and slept with me from that day on

Zayn loved me and i loved him  

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