One Dream

I couldn't believe it, after all my work I was chosen to spend Valentines day with One Direction. I called Randi and told her "Jennifer we can finally meet them" she said. "I know" I said. We didn't know how the contest worked but we hope it met we get to see Harry and Niall. When we finally got to see them we we speechless we didn't want them to think bad of us. We were so nervous but we held our self together. We saw all of them and Harry and Niall walked over to us. They told us we were going to dinner and they wanted us to have the best possible night ever. Randi and I told them we would love nothing more than just hanging out. They were so sweet at dinner and paid for everything. It was definitely a night we knew we would remember forever we got to meet One Direction, and go to dinner and get to know Harry and Niall. We couldn't fit into words how much we appreciate it, so we said thank you and left with smiles that made us feel beautiful.


1. Double Dinner Date

After the news, Randi and I flew to London were we met up with One Direction. They all greeted us. On the way to the hotel we talked about our flight over, and how we all feel about plain rides. Harry and Niall were talking to each other then they walked over to Randi and I. Harry took my hand and brought me to the car. I asked "Where are Randi and Niall going?" Harry replied "They will meet up with us later for dinner." Then Harry said he was taking me to the beach. When we got to the beach Harry grabbed my hand and walked with me along the sea shore. Harry asked what I wanted to talk about, I said " We should get to know each other before dinner." Harry agreed to that idea. As we talked about what felt like our life stories we lost track it time. Niall called Harry and Harry and I rushed to dinner. Niall and Harry were so sweet about everything. They paid or dinner and we all had a good laugh together. After dinner we went back to the hotel. Randi and I tried not to act nervous but we had just went on dates with Harry and Niall the loves of our life's. We didn't know how to thank them, we said thank you and asked if there was anything we could do in return. Niall and Harry just smiled and said " Making your Valentines day the best one yet is good enough." We smiled as we all got back into to car to go to the airport. We all talked about what a great time we had, and if we would ever see them again. Randi and I told them about our tickets and they said they couldn't wait to see us. We said goodbye and couldn't stop smiling. On our flight back we fell asleep with the biggest slimes ever.
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