They will tell you

competition entry. quite a depressing poem but it tells it how it is.


1. They will tell you

They will tell you

You are pretty and special

Then rate you 7 out of ten

this means nothing yet you feel insignificant

You hate all boys and men

You will lie to your parents and say you are fine

when you see someone you feel is less attractive than you

and they're rated a 9

So you'll never get rated a ten,

But it's ok because you know that you're beautiful

or is that you lying to yourself again?

They will tell you everyone is special

but that means no one is

You start to hate the people

that make you feel like this.

You tell yourself that you're strong

You refuse to feel pain 

But deep down you believe the things that people tell you

You become emotionally insane.

You cut to feel pain elsewhere,

you push people away with your mistrust and doubt.

There's a room full of all the things people have told you about yourself.

You've locked yourself inside and there's no getting out.

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