Nothig like us

Aphinya and shola are bestfriends but more like sisters. they were going to California the whole summer. Aphinya falls in love with Justin. where they going to work out? or is it just another summer romance?


1. California

Aphinya's P.O.V

I feel the hot water on my nude body. I turn the water off and went to grabbed some clothes. I took out some purple tak top with white dots. I grabbed some short shorts and headed down stairs.

My mom had maked some pancakes. i grebbed two pancakes and started to eat. "exited?" my mom asked me.

"yeah! its gonna me so much fun" i said with my mouth full.

"we need to pick up shola" she said and started to walk out the door. I walked after her and jumped in the car.

We pull up to Sholas house and she run out the house with her suitcase dragd behind her. she jumped in the car. she had a white crop top with a yellow smiley on and pink skinny jeans.

"hi!" she said and huged me. "Hi!!" we where really exited. we where going to Calfornia. My family had a summer house there and we where going to stay there the whole summer! its gonna me so much fun!

Before we knew it we ware on the plane headed to California. "its so nice to have a summer away from London" Shola said. I nodded and look out the window and falled asleep. "Apphi!! (my nickame") wake up!! we are here!" I  woke up and saw Shola. she grabbed my wrist and drag me out the plane. "Calm down" i said and giggled. We grabed our suitcases and headed out. shola stopt and looked at something i didn't bothered to sak so i just walked. I bumped in someone "oh! sorry" I said and looked up at a boy that had beautiful brown eyes and i saw a smile on his face that showed his dimples. "no its my fault" he said and looked at me. OMG! JUSTIN DREW BIEBER STOOD RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! I played calm but in side im dying! my heart almost jumped out side my body. I was a huge Belieber tought so it was a dream come true! i've ever meet Justin before.


Justin's P.O.V

My heart rised when a saw this beautiful girl. I stared at her and started to walk to her. It was verry embarrassed because u bumped in her. "oh! Sorry" she said and looked up at me. Her eyes was soo deep and her face was soo pretty. Her dark brown hair was falling perfectly down her shoulders. Gosh she was beautifull. "No its my fault" i said and smiled at her. she looked over to her friend. "uhm by the way, Im Justin" i wink at her. she looked over to me ad  said. "Yeah i know. Im a huge Belieber" she said and wiked at me. I laughed "well i didn't tought you was a Belieber because you're really calm" "yeah i am, but inside im dying!" she said and giggled. Gosh she was soo pretty. "you wanna hang out someday?" she started to laugh hysteric and i looked at her cofused "what?" I said and she stopt laugh."oh nothig its just a belieber thing" she said and wiked. "Aphinya we have to go" i heard the other girl said. "im sorry i have to go, nice to meet you Justin!" she said an huged me. i huged ger back and i didn't want to let go. we both pulled away and she went to her friend. I grabed her wrist "can i may have your number?" i asked her. "yes off coure" she said with her beautiful smile. she wrote down her number on my phone and handed it to me. "thanks" "call me!" she said and went out. I missed her already.

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