Haiku Sequence- Colours

A haiku for the stanza and deliver poetry competition


1. Haiku Sequence

© All Rights Reserved. Any further distribution of this poem is illegal. This poem belongs to mickymomo- aka Morayo.

The first of them all,

Red: strikingly bold and brave,

Favourite of mine


The second of them,

Orange: so warm and quiet,

Whispers in the view


The third and the light,

Yellow so bright to welcome,

Shines uniquely too


The fourth is now here,

Green one which I do not like,

Such a slimy hue


Fifth has now risen,

Blue a rich and lovely sight,

 I too love this one


The sixth undertone,

Indigo no meaning though,

The darker of blue


Seventh and the last,

Violet so many thoughts,

Dances the last song

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