Daily Story Challenge-Month 6-Love And A Valentine

Here's the sixth month of my Daily Story Challenge! It's themed around love and Valentine's Day, so prepare for the worst (and the best) romances you've ever seen. As usual it's half story, half poem, but there will be 14 poems and 14 stories because of the number of days in this month. Enjoy! *Cover Up Soon*


27. Day 26

Dante and Maria: Part 6: The Final Installment:


"And a round of applause for our next guests, and second couple, Dante and Maria!" the host cried. "How have you been?"

"We've certainly had our fair share of ups and downs!" Maria chuckled.

"Including ones to do with particular neices," he tossed a meaningful look out to the crowd.

"So, can we be expecting any wedding bells or little feet?" the two exchanged nervous glances at his question. "I'll take that as a no. Have a great time!"

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