I Will Give You All My Heart

Jennifer was just a normal English girl who loved the X-Factor. She had the biggest crush on George Shelley but never admitted it to anyone. Until one day fate decides to take her on a journey she never saw coming.


2. Chapter 2

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock going off, and the sun rays caressing my face as I got off the bed and headed for the kitchen. 

"Hey darling, important day today!" she said cheerfully and I nearly choked on my cereal.

"Yes, mum it is, and I am so nervous" I replied truthfully.

"Don't be honey! You'll be fine! Just be yourself and have fun.

I got dressed and headed for the door, screaming goodbye to mum and grabbing my bag on the way. I waited for the bus that takes me to school. In the bus I saw Zoe sitting at her usual spot.

"Jen! OMG! We're going to see the boys live! They will be close to us! WE WILL BE ABLE TO TOUCH THEM JEN, GRAB THEIR HANDS AND EVERYTHING. It will be like a once in a lifetime opportunity, Jen, you could even score George." I blushed deeply at that and smiled at my best friend. 

"I don't think that's possible, I am so out of his league" I replied, hiding my face in my hair.

"Oh come on! of course it is! Now let's go get this school day over with and then we'll go to your house and get ready for the X-Factor, ok? And you will look so beautiful that George won't be able to resist you."  And we laughed together as the bus pulled up in front of our school.

The day went by so slowly and I kept staring at the clock, wishing the hands would just move faster, but at the same time I wished time would just stop, so I didn't have to go tonight. Zoe kept talking about how good she and JJ would be together and how much she loved him. I just smiled and shook my head, knowing deep down that I would be acting the same if we weren't in a public place. When the final bell ran I let out a sigh and Zoe tugged me along to the carpark where my mum was waiting for us.

"Ok girls, you got two hours to get ready, let's do this!"

I walked down the stairs, all dressed up and "pretty", when I heard a gasp coming from my mum. I looked down at myself, I was wearing a white top with purple details and denim shorts. My hair was curled and had tiny flowers braided around my head. I wore simple white sandals. Zoe stood next to me with her peace sign shirt and frayed black shorts. Her black hair was dead straight and her bright blue eyes showed off her confidence, something I definitely didn't have. 

"You both look gorgeous!" mum exclaimed, breaking the silence.

"Thanks" replied Zoe, while I looked at the floor and smiled.

Mum drove us there and my heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest, Mum gave us the tickets and hugged us both.

"Have fun!" she said, as she drove off.

We went to the security guy and showed him our tickets. 

"This way ladies" he said as he let us in. We saw the stage and  the place where we were assigned to go. I stood there, stage right in front of me, and waited to be told what to do. The rest of the audience found their spots and we all waited for the show to start.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the X-Factor!" we heard the host say, as my hearbeat went nuts and I l.et out an excited scream, along with Zoe, as Union J and the other contestants stepped into the stage.




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