Murder case.

Martha Shaw is the best person to have on the case.
Eight murders and counting. All by the same person.
At the same time every single day.
Martha only has a short time before the murdered kills again, and it could be her that it's after.


10. The Card.

" Paul," Martha said as he entered the room.

" Yes?" Paul replied.

" The barber shop card, I think we should go there, with the file's of Mick and Joshua, and asked whoever works there if they know them."

" Well, Martha, first we need to think of the officers, if we take the file's, what will they say? They will wonder where we are going, will they not?" Paul said.

Martha thought, she didn't know what to say to him. He was telling the truth, what would they say?

" We sneak them, tonight, I'll take them home. Then tomorrow morning we go to the shop before work," said Martha.

" You know what happens if you get caught?" Paul said.

" I get fired. I know."

" I like you, your not afraid," Paul laughed.

" Just don't get caught, have my back the whole time..."

After Martha finished her sentence, she left her office and went to the main office downstairs.


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