Murder case.

Martha Shaw is the best person to have on the case.
Eight murders and counting. All by the same person.
At the same time every single day.
Martha only has a short time before the murdered kills again, and it could be her that it's after.


13. The barber shop


Paul woke up early the next morning to his alarm. It was five in the morning.

He slipped into his clothes and quickly drunk a cup of coffee with an extra shot.

Paul ran his hand over his face. He traced the lines on his forehead. He wasn't getting any younger. And he had wasted nearly all of his life as a detective.

He would be retiring in twenty, maybe thirty years? He was thirty.

Paul stopped trying to think about wasting his life away. He cracked his fingers foreward and stretched. He was now ready for whatever the day would throw at him.


Martha woke at half five. She was needing to meet Paul at six. She threw on her clothes and her breakfast consisted of a handful of cornflakes. She brushed her teeth and washed her face. Then she stopped and looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were becoming very baggy. They were normally bright blue and full of life, but they had started looking darker and baggy. Her hair was more greasy, even though she washed it the night before. It wasnormally shiny brown, today it was greasy and lifeless.

Being a detective was getting harder and harder for these two workers. They dedecated their lives to helping others. Today they just wish they didn't take the files, they wish they could sleep until nine, and go into work normally.

They had there jobs on the line, and the case. And maybe even there lives.


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