Murder case.

Martha Shaw is the best person to have on the case.
Eight murders and counting. All by the same person.
At the same time every single day.
Martha only has a short time before the murdered kills again, and it could be her that it's after.


11. Sneaking the files

It was five. Time for everyone to leave.

Karen and Ian picked up the files and took them through to the filing room, just to keep them safe. Martha followed them, hiding in the little spaces she could find.

She was technically half spying, half eavsdropping right now. She was listening to their conversation and watching where they put the files.

" What are we doing on this case, Ian? We are the best officers Ewan has, and he hasn't put us as the main detectives? He has put those nobody's on it," said Karen.

" Karen, we can't do anything about this, Ewan's decision. They aren't too bad, you know. You just need to let yourself loose more," Ian said.

" You might not be doing anything about this but I will. I need a lead on this case, it should be me on it, not that stupid Shaw. How many cases has she solved? Five, six? Maybe seven? Well, I have solved nine. Nine!"

More than ten actually, Martha thought to herself.

" What have you got against her, anyway?" Ian asked.

Now things were getting good.

" Everything! She has been acting good girl ever since Ewan said anything about a promotion. I know she is his favourite! But it should be me! I know Paul likes her too. It just isn't fair. And she has the lead on this case, which is completley nuts since she doesn't even know anything about the guys, like I do. I bet she doesn't know that Joshua's shop is just down the road, I go there almost everyday! And I bet she doesn't know the bar Mick is always at? No. But I do. The Portman Inn. You can't tell her any of these things by the way, Ian! If you do, so help me God!" Karen babbled on.

Thanks for the info, thought Martha.

" Anyway, enough about her. Give me the keys," said Karen.

She took the keys off of Ian and put the files into a drawer. She locked it with the keys and put them onto a desk. Not very good if someone came in to try and get the files, like Martha.

After the officers had left, Martha scurried into the room and put the key in the lock. Wrong one. It didn't fit, she tried another one. There was at least thirty different keys on the chain. She heard the station door open.

" I'm just checking where they are! Are they in the filing room!?" a voice shouted outside.

" Yeah!" one called back. " The keys are there too!"

Oh no, Martha thought.

She stuck three more keys into the lock and frantically tried to unlock it. Finally. She jammed a brass key into the hole and opened the drawer. She grabbed the files and locked the drawer, and ran out of the room. And right into Nick.



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