Murder case.

Martha Shaw is the best person to have on the case.
Eight murders and counting. All by the same person.
At the same time every single day.
Martha only has a short time before the murdered kills again, and it could be her that it's after.


7. Next morning


After waking, Martha quickly hopped into her clothes and drank a cup of coffee. She flicked through the pages of yesterday's newspaper. The main story was about the murder. The title read:  THE ONE O'CLOCK KILLER.  It was obviously  Paul who had phoned up and told them the title.

When the clock reached twelve, Martha got into her car and started to drive towards the station.

When she was about ten minutes away, there was a gang of teenagers blocking the road, she beeped the horn, but they didn't move. Martha started her car up again and revved forwards. The next thing she knew was one of the boys had his hand threw the open window and was holding her neck up against the seat.

" What'choo do that for, aye?" he said.

All his friends were laughing as he tried to act the bad guy.

" To make.. you...move, but look it... worked," Martha struggled to say.

" Shut up, woman!" he shouted in her face.

" Get... off me!"

" Gonna make me, blud?"

" Yes..!"

After saying this, Martha pressed the accelerator and the car jerked forward. She let out a long breath as the boy's hands left her throat and he was left behind in dust. Typical london boy trying to act big and tough, thought Martha.

She was pretty used to this, as she had encountered it before, she tried to let it go out of her mind as she reached the station.

" Martha, your late," said Nick, as soon as she entered the room.

" Sorry, I had a little run in with some trouble.." Martha replied.

Martha and Nick went and sat round the table as they had the night before.

Ewan Low, the head inspector, the boss, told everyone where they had to drive around to find anything suspicious.

Martha went out of the office with her head high, ready to find the criminal.


" Nick?" Martha spoke into her walkie- talkie.

" Yeah?" Nick replied.

" Where about are you?"

" Just heading past Lisa Westwood's house."
" Your at the crime scene?"

" No, I am passing the crime scene. I'm heading past it, I need to get to Greenwell Road, where are you?"

" Tunwell avenue, nothing really happening, I'll fill you in later," Martha put down the walkie- talkie and focused on the street.

Nothing suspicious anywhere. Nothing at all.

Martha looked around and stopped at a space in the street.

She looked out her window again and saw a man walking through the street with his hand in his coat.

He had on a hoodie underneath, with the hood pulled right over his head and the top of his fac was covered. It was quite hot out, so Martha wondered why this man had all this clothes on.

" Guys?" Martha said into the walkie- talkie.

There was a chorus of yeah's and what's.

" I think I found our guy!" she yelled.

" Where are you?" asked Laura.

" Tunwell avenue! Get here now!"

The man started to hurry and Martha followed him in her car, slowing down everytime he stopped.



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