Murder case.

Martha Shaw is the best person to have on the case.
Eight murders and counting. All by the same person.
At the same time every single day.
Martha only has a short time before the murdered kills again, and it could be her that it's after.


9. Fingerprints

" We have his gun, his fingerprints. We can find out his name, anything about him we need," said Karen.

" And, we have his barber card," whispered Paul, into Martha's ear.

All of the officers and detectives stayed in the apartment until the body was taken away.

" Who is she?" asked Nick.

" According to this," said Paul, looking through some papers. " Her name is Penelope Heart, thirty- nine, teacher..."

He dropped the papers onto a unit and they left the flat. Martha got into her car and drove back to the station, the others followed.

Once they were there, the put the gun - which was wrapped in a bag- on the table and Karen took it away to find the fingerprints.

" Who do you think they were?" asked Nick.

" Some criminals who were bored of there own lives, so they took someone elses. But, they are also smart, and they have weapons," said Laura.

" Wow, Laura. I thought you just did paperwork,"said Paul.

Laura blushed and smiled. " Thank you."

They all had a lead now, they new what the criminals looked like, that there were two of them, they had their gun, they knew where they stayed.

The men were not that old, they looked about twenty- eight. One of them had black, wavy hair. The other had barely any hair. The one with barely any hair had dark skin, the other had pale, pasty skin. All the officers only got a tiny glimpse at the light- skinned one, as he jumped out of the window. But the other, Martha had been able to study him.

Karen came back about half an hour later with the results.

" Okay, so, we found two sets of fingerprints, which is perfect. Here," she said, passing two bits of paper towards the detectives.

On the bits of paper, were pictures and writing. On the first one, was a picture of the one Martha had been able to study, the dark- skinned one, she had been able to remember what he looked like, he was very good looking. Underneath his picture, there was writing.

It said:


Mick Forbes.



Dark, stubbly hair.


Never been caught for a

crime before.



On the other one, was the pasty one. The one the officers hadn't really seen. He was quite good- looking, Mick was far more, but this one wasn't bad, Martha noticed. Under his picture, it read:


Joshua Phillips

Twenty- seven.


Black, wavy hair.

Part- time shop worker.

Been caught many times before

for crimes.


So, by what she had seen, Martha had gathered that Mick was an unemployed alcoholic, but he had never been caught for a crime before. So either he had done some crimes, but he was so good at it he was never caught. Joshua was ppart- time shop worker, and he had been caught many times before. Martha was trying to think if either Mick was very sneaky and was never caught and he was teaching Joshua how to do it. Or Joshua had been caught for not being sneaky enough and Mick was a pretty decent guy until he got into the wrong crowd.

" Paul, could you see me in my office, please," Martha said as she left the room.



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