Murder case.

Martha Shaw is the best person to have on the case.
Eight murders and counting. All by the same person.
At the same time every single day.
Martha only has a short time before the murdered kills again, and it could be her that it's after.


15. Eight people

Martha and Paul burst out of the barber's shop. They jumped into their cars and drove to the station.

Martha took the files with her and was going to return them when no one was looking.

They arrived at the station five minutes later and joined Nick, Ian, Laura, Karen and Ewan inside the main office.

" What's happening?" asked Martha.

" Mick and Joshua killed six people in a shop this morning. They left a note again saying they were catching us off guard since we were waiting until one o'clock. Six people! That equals eight people all together! That is not your classic one-murder, this is much more than that. Eight people in three days! And Martha.. I am so sorry to say this..." Nick paused.

" What? Nick..?" she asked.

" One of the victim's this morning was..."

" Nick! Tell me!"

" It was.. em.. your brother.."

There was a long pause.

" Martha?" asked Paul, who had come in with her.

She didn't reply.

" Martha? I know how you must be feeling, but we have to get on with this case.." said Karen.

" I'm.." started Martha.

" What?" asked Paul.

" I'm... I'm going... I'm going to kill them." Martha said.

Everyone looked at each other in shock.

" Martha, think about this.." said Ewan.

Then she said: " They killed eight people. Eight people will never grow old. Seven families lost a member, and so did I. They killed my brother, I have to kill them."


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