Murder case.

Martha Shaw is the best person to have on the case.
Eight murders and counting. All by the same person.
At the same time every single day.
Martha only has a short time before the murdered kills again, and it could be her that it's after.


8. Catch the criminal.

The man stopped outside a flat, looked both ways and went inside. Martha crossed the road and followed him.

Nick, Paul, Laura and the officers that they had been with the night before all joined up outside the door and followed Martha.

Martha signaled to Paul that he was upstairs. Paul nodded and crept silently up the creeky stairs.

The flat was quite small, so if all the detectives and officers stayed at one part each, the criminal would have no way of escape as there was quite a few of them.

Nick and Paul surrounded a door that the man had gone into. They were expecting any moment to hear a scream from inside, but before they did, they were going to try and stop it.

They kicked the door with full force and burst into the room. The man with the hoodie and the dark jacket was sitting on the couch, now he was cowering behind the couch.

" You, up now, get your hands in the air!" shouted Ian Milton.

" What.. what have I done?" asked the terrified man.

" You are under arrest of suspicion on the one o'clock killer," said Paul.

" Me?  Your accusing me?" the man said.

Suddenly, there was a high- pitched scream. It was coming from the same apartment, but another room.

Martha, Karen and Nick rushed into the room the scream was coming from.

Everything happened so quickly.

There was a shot from a gun, two, three. There was a body on the floor, an open window.

There was more shots coming from the room they had been in before, the door flew open, a body hit the ground again.

Martha breathed in, she looked around.

There was a lady on the ground, someone she didn't  know. Nick was lying on the ground too, but he wasn't shot, he was hit with a lamp. The window was open, someone must've jumped out.

In the first room, one of the youngest detectives was on the ground, not Kevin, but the other one. There was blood coming out of his left shoulder. The man they had seen already had gone, the room was a mess, the detectives and officers were lying about everywhere, but they were okay.

" What happened?" Martha asked.

Laura and Ian stood up off of the ground.

" The man you saw," started Ian. " He had a gun, he tried to shoot, but Kevin knocked it away, we have the gun, he started throwing things, then he ran, but Andrew was shot," Ian signaled over to the officer on the floor.

" Oh my god.." breathed Martha. " The other one, I'm guessing his friend, killed a woman, in the next room. He escaped out of the window, Nick was hurt, but he's not shot."

" Well," started Paul. " I think we have found our criminal."

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