Murder case.

Martha Shaw is the best person to have on the case.
Eight murders and counting. All by the same person.
At the same time every single day.
Martha only has a short time before the murdered kills again, and it could be her that it's after.


1. The first day


Martha woke early. She hadonly slept as few hours. There had been too much on her mind.

She washed her face with freezing water, to try and wake herself up some more, and stretched.

Her phone rang. She went to pick it up.

" Hello?" she coughed.

" Martha Shaw?" said the voice on the other end.

" Who wants to know?"

" I am detective inspector Nick. We need  you to report down to the station right away. There has been a murder."

The phone went dead.

Martha Shaw was the best detective in town. She knew all the tricks. She had solved at least ten cases in her time of being a dectective inspector. Solving crimes was a breeze, she thought this one would be too, but she couldn't of been more wrong.


After changing into her clothes and having some coffee, Martha got into her car and pulled out into the road. She stayed in a small, London flat that had been built years ago and was creaky and ruined. She had always thought that the set- up of the whole street had been a stupid idea, as there were no drives, cars just parked anywhere. Still she refused to move, since her house wasn't far away from her work, and it took long enough as it was to get there because of traffic. No, Martha was not moving anytime soon, she was perfectly happy.

She walked through the station doors quickly and crept along the corridors until she reached the main office.

" Good morning detective," Inspector Nick had said as she entered.

" Morning," she replied quickly. " What's the case?"

" Well, " started Laura, one of the less- important detectives.

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