Frozen Sea

Sixteen-year-old Alaska's whole world is slowly but surely starting to crumble. Her boyfriend is charged with the rape of her best friend, and she is staring at a long, lonely summer of secrets and unimaginable pain. Losing herself in surfing and her night shift at the local pub seems like the only way to pretend none of it is actually happening for real. Until she meets Connor, a mysterious musician on a holiday of inspiration, Alaska finally realises that sometimes the only way to move on is to face up to reality.


1. Preface

Looking back at it all, the worst thing about that night was the look on Lily's face that moment I stumbled into the open bedroom door. It was an expression so confused, so unfathomable, so appalled that for a while all I could do was stare. Stare at the tears. Stare at my best friend's clothes hurriedly and angrily strewn across my carpet. Stare at my boyfriend holding her down forcefully against the bed post while he assaulted her. 

That feeling, it's indescribable. That moment when you realise that you have been living with nothing but lies for the past three years. How you've been stupid, and blind. Ever since that night, my chest has felt sort of closed up. Every breath and every sigh has felt like bits of metal have been forced up my rib-cage.

My dad has told me that I need to stop blaming myself. That none of it was my fault. But every time I close my eyes I see them, in my room, in bed together. And I have to live with the fact that my best friend has been emotionally scarred because of my evil stupidity. 

Sometimes it feels good to get away. To pretend that none of this is actually happening. While I'm with my surfboard, everything suddenly feels better.

And now I have a whole summer.

Just me and the frozen sea.


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