Love within

About a girl named Selena who finds love with a wolf.


1. The love within


The Love Within

The Night was a torrent of Darkness,

Full of the most creepies creatures,

Out in the moonlight howling was a wolf,

Not just any wolf but an human wolf,

A wolf with compassion,

Love and a heart,


Morning approached the small  village town of Deptford,

Crock-a-doo-da doo,

Everyone awoke in Deptford,

Awaiting in her  room was Selena,

She was waiting till jack her love came,

Knock Knock,

Jack had finally arrived,


And he said:

One Kiss my love, and my heart will be granted,

Because you alone are my life, my everything,

Give me that one kiss and you'll be mine,

Mine Mine to myself,

Will get married and I'll finally have you,

You You to myself,


It was such a surprise to Selena,

As soon as Jack left she wondered,

How could this be we only just met,

"National anthem"

It was the queen,











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