The dobbel of royal

A simple girl named rosa and her two friends,ally and jason, set out on an adventure to get away from their lifes at home. But theire lifes get even more complicated, when thay arrive to theire destination.


1. Take off

It was saturday.

we were just gathering our stuff , so that we could leave this shitty town for life. Ally and Jason were my best friends , i loved them so so much. and it was theire idea to leave this shit hole. Of course i didnt like it here i meen it sucked the only fun thing to do around here, was to go FISH i meen for a 16 year old teenager that was pretty damn lame ! 

But now we were leaving for good never coming back, we set out to adventures and fun.


it was harder than i thougt , to leave my family they were my every thing , my whole life as it was.. was theire doing, 

Well , my life sucked so that was what they had done white my life , and its not like i had'nt warned them i sayd ,like a hundred times , if we dont move , i will move . 


i made it through and we were on the rode leaving i didnt know where we were heading but jason seamed to have that under control . Me and Ally were just sitting in the back waiting for the chance to help with some thing , but no need for us when Jason is driving , (that should totaly be Jasons motto!!)

we arrived at the place jason had picked out it was some motel in the forest it looked like something pulled out of an adventure about a princess and a prince running away together, if that was the case here Jason would be the prince , Ally the princess And me THE BUTLER ! 

Jason was ... how do i put this ... Beutifull <3 

i used to dream of the day we would get married and have three little babys two girls and a boy . 

I know i know this sounds very crazy and kinda scary but i loved him so so much even though a knew he would never love me back i liked to fantasise about our romantic trip together when he showed me your new home, "OH MY GOD , im gonna cry " , i had been practising that centense since i met him i had been so in love the last 10 years that no one could mesure we were best friends , and nothing else..

Well enough of sadness. I was awoken by jason screaming My name to wake me up from my beutifull dreams about us, "yes yes , im upp !!" i screamed back ..

We walked in to the hotell and checked in we had one bedroom with three beds, when we were finished un-packing and gussying up , we went down to the lobby to get some dinner , we had all been planning this trip together for a long time and been saving upp alot of money from jobs and favors to others allowense and stuff like that , so now we could aford some place nice to hang out .

We sat down at three person table and picked up the menu , when we had all decided what we wanted i called the waitress over so she could take our order ,when she had gotten all of our orders she went into the kitchen but shortly came back with our drinks Jason asked Ally if she wanted to dance , to MY favorite song , she said yes and they went theire way leaving me sitting on my own ,as always , i sat theire sipping on my cola , when the most beutifull boy , i had ever seen , walked in the room he was Wearing a black armani suit whit a white shirt and a red tie, he was so beutifull that he made Jason look like dr.phil ! 

My heart started to beat faster faster And i thought it was going to fly out of my cheast but it slowed down immedietly when i saw that he ....




                                                     Hvad tror du der er galt med hendes drömme ...Prins?..

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