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hey :) i decided to try and write some imagines .Hope you like them :)


3. Simmy's imagine


Author’s note :

Hiii : ) so here is it :) Hope you’ll like it and hope I write it right…  Sorry for the bad English and grammar … :s  bye <3

Simmy’s p.o.v:

…You  know I’ll be your life, your voice ,your reason to be ,my love ,my heart is breathing for this moment in time I’ll find the words to say … before you leave me today

I took my headphones off as I let a tear roll down my cheek .I love this song  ,it reminds me of my father.. I wish he was her .I heard a knock on my door so I wiped my tear and opened it and there stood my best friend Mia . She seemed a little bit worried .

“Hey Mi “I said while hugging her .

“Hey Si , how are you ?”

“Been better “

“Why what’s wrong ?“

“Nothing to mention  ,come in “

.We walked to the living room and sat on the couch .“What’s wrong with you?”I asked her

“Actually I have some bad news but seeing your not in a good mood   ,it can wait “

“Oh no don’t worry, just tell me “

“Are you sure you won’t get mad ?”

“Yeah “

“Okay  ,well I was on web and I saw this interesting article .It is all over internet and everybody is talking about it  “

“what is it ?”

“It’s about Niall …”

Let me tell you a little bit about myself . I am dating Niall . Yes  ,Niall Horan . We’ve met in a concert last year . I used to live in America but me and Mia have me been dreaming to come to London since we were kids and last year our dream finally came true and we came here .One direction were having a concert and seeing that we are HUGE directioners we went to see them  .So I met Niall there and we hang out together and now we are dating and everything is perfect except one thing …Niall didn’t want to tell the world about us .I don’t why but he just didn’t want to but I love him so much and as long as he’s with me it doesn’t matter if the world knew about us .

“What about him ?”I asked .She showed me this article .It is all about Niall and ...Demi ??

“Does Niall finally found his princess ?””Is Niall in love ?””Are Niall and Demi dating ?”

Those questions were resounding in my head .It can’t be true right ?? I couldn’t help but cry . I trusted Niall but I am sick of it .Every day there is new rumors about Niall and a new girl and Niall never does something about it .I kept thinking that maybe he was ashamed of me ? Maybe he didn’t want people to know he is dating an ugly girl like me… I cried all day ,and Mia was trying to calm me down .She is truly the best . It was 6 pm and Niall said he was going to come over and have a movie night . Mia left before he came and I got changed .I tried to convince myself to stay strong and move on just like I always do but when I saw Niall standing on the door , I couldn’t control myself and I fell on the floor ,tears streaming down my face . Niall picked me up and put me on the couch

“Simmy baby what’s wrong ?”he asked

“I-I just can’t do this anymore . I Tried to convince myself that everything will be fine but who am I kidding ? It will never be fine “

“what are you talking about ?”he asked worried

“Niall do you love me ?”

“More than you could ever imagine “

“I would love to believe you but I can’t “

“Baby what do you mean ? Don’t you believe me ?How can I prove it to you ?   “

“Tell the world about us .Maybe those silly rumors will stop and people will finally leave you alone “

“Y-you know I can’t do that “

“why ? “I almost screamed

“If you love me .Why are you afraid of telling everybody? .Am I not enough ?”I added

“No of course no, it’s not you .It’s me”

“I’m sick of all this stuff .I tried to believe you but now I can’t .I don’t wanna stay in the shadows for ever Niall . “

“Do you think I am happy about it ?? Do you think I am not sick of all this rumors ?”sreamed Niall and looked right in my eyes in a hurtful way .

“I …”

“And when all those rumors are killing me I come here expecting you to comfort me  but instead you are here making things worst !”

“Niall … I didn’t meant….”

“Just forget it .If you are sick of me then why don’t I just go and leave you alone .We are done ”

“No Niall wait … “I tried to hold him back but there were no hope .He went out and left me heartbroken ,laying on the couch . I cried myself to sleep last night .I woke up next morning and went to my room and packed my stuff .I couldn’t stay here anymore .I checked my phone: 2 missed calls from Mia .I wasn’t in a good mood to talk to anybody .She will probably try to make me stay here but I can’t. I have to go away from here as soon as possible .I took a taxi to the airport and luckily there were a fly to America .I bought  a ticket and sat on a bench waiting for my plane .I put on some music and the time flew by .It was finally time to go . I hold my packages and  walked to the plane . I turned and took a final look at London .I’m gonna miss everything here  .I wiped my tear and walked the plane’s stairs but before I went in ,I heard a familiar voice calling my name .I stopped and turned to the direction of that person . And there stood Niall looking so miserable  ,he looked like he haven’t slept all night .He was holding   a guitar in his hand then he screamed

“Wait don’t go “

Every one was staring at us right now

“what are you doing ?”I asked

“Something I should have done before “he took his guitar and sang a song I have never listened but the lyrics were so sweet and touching and they fit our situation perfectly :it talked about two teenagers falling in love and having problems but they stayed together forever .He sang the last line and everybody clapped .

“fly 56 headed to America .The plane is going to fly right now .May everybody enter  the plane “a voice said .

“I have to go “I said and turned back to the plane.

“No please don’t go .I am sorry I hurt you all this time .I was selfish and stupid .I only cared about myself and didn’t think about your feelings and I am so sorry but I love you and I can’t live without you .Please don’t go “he sreamed

“Niall ..people are staring “

“I don’t care, I want everyone to know . I LOVE SIMMY .  I LOVE HER SO MUCH AND I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT HER “he screamed

“shhh “I tried to calm him down

“will you ever forgive me?”

“I don’t know “I hesitated

“Come . I wanna show you something . “he added

I went down the stairs and walked in his direction then  he took me outside and there was  a helicopter  flying around holding a huge sign that says “SIMMY I AM SORRY . I LOVE YOU “I looked at him and said “you are crazy Niall Horan …”

Then I looked back at the sign and added “but that’s what I love about you “

He smiled and hugged me tight and we stood there for a long while but we didn’t realize that  till we broke out and saw that  the sky was all dark now .

“I missed my plane “I said disappointed

“Yey  .That means you are staying “he said and jumped like a little kid .I laughed hard at his childish behavior . We headed back to my place .We stayed up all night ,talked, watched some movies and enjoyed our time .He told me he didn’t tell the world about us because he was afraid people would be mean to me but then he promised that he will protect me so he was going to tell the world about us tomorrow and I couldn’t be  happier and that night I knew he was the one for me …







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