one direction imagines

hey :) i decided to try and write some imagines .Hope you like them :)


4. Shania's imagine


Shania’s p.o.v:

~Beep Beep Beep~ I woke up at 10 am in the morning as the sun lighted up my room .I hit my alarm so it shut then got out of bed straight to the bathroom to start the day with a cold bath . I finished my bath and put on my new clothes then I dried my hair and curled my highlights . To finish the look I put on some make-ups . I checked my phone and had few messages from my friends all wishing me a happy birthday . I can’t believe I turned 18 today ,it feels like yesterday I was just 5 years old and I was jumping and messing around the house . I replied and thanked everyone but I was kind of disappointed that Zayn hadn’t text or call .He couldn’t have forget my birthday . Could he  ? I went downstairs and heard a knock on the door .Maybe that’s Zayn . I ran and opened the door expecting to find my boyfriend but instead I found two guys all dressed black .Their faces was covered by a mask so I didn’t recognize them .Before I could say anything ,they closed my eyes with a blindfold  and put me in the car ,I tried to resist but they were so strong. I also tried to scream help but they stuffed my mouth with a sock . I can’t believe I have been kidnapped on my birthday ! Few minutes passed and I still hadn’t any idea of where I was or what was happening . Suddenly the car stopped and the door next to me opened then two arms held me in my waist and put me on his shoulders . I kicked him on the  back,hopefully trying to escape  but he didn’t react .Oh well at least I tried .He walked few meters then stopped ,he put me down on the floor . I tried to get up and run but my eyes were still close so I couldn’t see a thing and I bumped into someone and fell on the floor again .I heard some chuckles ,then someone  approached me so I yelled “please don’t kill me “. Suddenly an arm took out the blindfold off my eyes and I slowly opened them and discovered that I was on a huge boat surrounded by some friends and Zayn ??!! What was going on ?  Zayn came and helped me get up then they all laughed and said “Surprise !!”Wait … so this whole thing was a prank ? I pushed Zayn playfully and yelled at him “You scared me to death .What was that for ?”

‘“Well I wanted to do something special for your birthday “he added trying to sound innocent

“Oh ! so you decided to fake kidnap me ? How romantic !”I crossed my arms

“Actually ,that was just a way to bring you here .Come so I can show you my surprise “

We walked inside the boat ,followed by everyone .Inside were a little stage  ,some chairs and some tables . On the stage stood Niall ,Liam,Louis and Harry . They all smiled when we walked in .Zayn joined them and took the mic. “This is a song I wrote for the love of my live Shania . Happy birthday baby “

They started singind and my eyes watered . It was the best song I have ever heard .We all clapped as Zayn sang the last line . He came to me and kissed me on the cheek “Happy birthday love . Sorry about this whole prank thing but you gotta admit ,it was good right ?”

“A little “He laughed a bit then a slow song came on .

“May I have this dance my lady ?”asked me Zayn

I nodded then he put his arms on my waits and I put mine on his shoulders and  we danced and talked .Then the boys took Zayn aside so I went outside and enjoyed the beautiful view.The sun was shining bright in the sky and the water was clear blue . What a beautiful  day I thought .I felt arms hugging from behind then he kissed my neck and whispered “Having fun ?”

“A lot thank you babe “

“No need to thank me but if you really want to I have a great idea of how you could thank me”He turned me in his direction so we were just few inches apart . He came closer and our lips were about to touch tiil I pushed him away

“And that was for you scaring me to death “I teased him

“Come her “ he got up .I ran so he couldn’t catch me .We ran around the boat like two little kids . we kept running and till I ran out of breath  so I gave up and stopped .

“Ha got you “he pulled me closer then whispered “You can ran away now

I looked trying to find a way to escape . Aha found it .I slipped out of his arms , jumped off the boat and splashed into the water .

“Yes I can” I laughed . I expected him to give up but instead he jumped right in the water and caught me .

“Now where are you gonna run ?”

“Fine I give up “ He smiled cheekily then crashed his lips into mine .I kissed him back and I could feel him smiling slightly . we pulled away then swam back to the boat . We spent all night dancing ,having some fun and enjoying our time . It was the best birthday ever !

Author’s note :

Hello J happy birthday Shania :) so I know you might found the story a little bit silly but my cousin actually proposed to his gf this way and I found it so cool so I tried to write it as an imagine .I Know it might not be good but I did my best :) bye <3




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