one direction imagines

hey :) i decided to try and write some imagines .Hope you like them :)


2. Kammy's imagine


"You never listen to me ! You don't even care about me ! All you care about is yourself"You yelled at your boyfriend Tom

"Don't say that baby ,you know i always listen to you "

"Really ? What did i just say ?"You asked

"Emm ...Emm .You were talking about ... "

"See ? I can't believe you ! I spend all day listening to you and to your problems but when i start to talk about my problems , you just don't listen! "

"Kammy ,baby don't be that dramatic " 

"you know what ? Forget it . I don't need you . Get out of  here right now . I can't believe I actually thought you changed but I was wrong .You have always loved yourself and you always will "

"Kammie ,please let us talk "

"No way get out "you said while pointing at the door . He got up ,looked right in your eyes said he was sorry then left.

You sat on the couch , crying . That was your first break up ,even though you hated Tom so bad you were heartbroken .You trusted Tom from all your heart but he let you down . You sat there ,looking  around you . There were nobody that you could cry on his shoulder and you really needed someone . You ordered pizza because food always  used to cheer you up . You waited few minutes than the door bell finally rang .You opened the door and there stood the most handsome guy you have ever seen . He had dirty blond hair , blue eyes like the sky and the most beautiful smile . 

"Pizza ? "he asked 

"yes ! finally "you said excited . You were starving .

"20 dollars please "he added 

"oh wait i'll go upstairs and bring money " You went up to  your room ,brought some money and then went downstairs but the pizza delivery guy wasn't on the door .Where did he go ? you asked yourself .

You looked outside but he wasn't there .Then you went back to the living room and found him looking at  your painting hanged on the wall 

"what are you doing?"you asked 

He jumped out of his place and turned to look at you 

"This is amazing "he said 

"thank you"

"Did you painted it ?"

"yup "you said proud. Painting was always your hobbie and you loved it so much .

"cool , are you going to sell it ?"

"no ,i'm gonna keep it , I actually wanted to give it to my boyfriend ..emm  .ex-boyfriend but now i am going to keep it for myself "

"oh ,too bad because i would have bought it "

"really ?"

"yeah "

"well , if you want it you can take it ,it's a gift "

"seriously ?"

"yeah sure "

"thank you thank you "he jumped like a 5 years old child . You laughed so hard ,he was so cute .

"Btw I'm Niall "he pulled his hand 

"I'm Kammy"you did the same .You shook hands then let go .You sighed then sat on the couch and started to eat the pizza .

"are you okay ?"he asked and sat next to you .

"yeah i'm fine , you probably wouldn't wanna know " 

"actually , I do "

Well you thought why not ? Niall  seemed really nice and you needed someone to talk to . You told him  everything and he was listening . You actually was surprised he didn't stop you because you thought  he was bored and you were so comfortable while talking to him .He seemed really nice and you trusted him  even thought you've never trusted people so fast .

"come with me "he got up  and pulled out his hands for you

"where ? "you asked

"just come "You held his hand and  walked together out of the house . You walked few meters and  you got tired.

"Are we there yet ? my feet  are hurting me "

"just few more meters " 

You walked a bit then Niall stopped so you did the same . 

"Close your eyes"he said 

"come on ,is it necessarily ?"

"yup "

"fine "you groaned then closed your eyes . He held your hand then lift you and put you on his shoulders 

"Niall !! what are you doing ? "you screamed 

"just trust me okay ? and DON'T open your eyes " 

"okay "

He walked  and walked . You hadn't any idea about what he was doing but you trusted him suddenly he stopped and  put you down .

"we're here,you can open your eyes "he said 

"finally "you said and slowly opened your eyes . Your mouth dropped, you were standing on a huge mountain ,it was all dark but you could see the lights of the city . It was so beautiful .

" I come here when i'm upset and this view always cheers me up so I thought I could bring you here and hope it will cheers you too "

"It really did , thank you so much Niall "

You hugged him tight and didn't want him to let go but he did .  Then you lied together on the floor and watched the stars in the sky 

"You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen , and don't let any guy makes you think the opposite . You deserve the best "said Niall 

"thank you Niall , you are the best "

You spent all the evening talking and getting to know each other then he took you home , you exchanged numbers and since then you have become best friends and you had totally forgotten about Tom and now you have a huge crush on Niall but you don't think he feels the same . Oh well who knows valentine's is near maybe he'll surprise you ;) 

Author's note :

Hello:)  so this was the imagine :) i am not sure if that was what you wanted but i did my best. Hope you'll like it :) and sorry for the bad English and grammar ... bye <3

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