True love

niall and emily have been in relationship since they were 12 but when bandmate harry styles comes along things start to change.Emily has a secret crush on harry and so does harry but what does she do stay with niall or her true love...
find out here!!!!


2. The shock

Emily's pov

We were sitting on the green fresh grass, when niall stood up, held my hand and looked me in the eyes, "Emily ive been waiting ever since to tell you this,but i never get the chance, we have been friends since primary school and i always loved you as a sister but i think its time, will u be my girlfriend", my heart jumped i was in total shock i never thought niall would ever ask, we were really close friends but i never thought he actually wanted us to be in relationship! I came up with my decision and it was the right one, I think "emm but your to perfect for me love", i said with a sarcastic tone

 "ill take that as yes i assume" said niall smiling like never before.

 He kissed me passionately and we started to walk down the clear path holding hands while planning how were going to announce this great news to the boys.Ohh i forgot to tell you niall is in a successful boy band called one direction they auditioned on the x factor seperatly but got joined as a group. 

zayn's the vain one, louis's the funny one, liam's the smart one and most of all harry's the charming one,ive never told anyone this but i have a thing for harry and i think he does to, he's absulutly perfecttttttttttt, NO, NO ive got snap out of it ive got niall my loved one.




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