True love

niall and emily have been in relationship since they were 12 but when bandmate harry styles comes along things start to change.Emily has a secret crush on harry and so does harry but what does she do stay with niall or her true love...
find out here!!!!


4. The jungle

emily's pov

 I sat down beside niall i knew he sensed something was going on just by the look he gave harry  i didnt want to tell niall what just happened he would go mad after he just asked me to be hes loved one,i decided to forget about this awkward moment i have niall now i cant dump him and go along with one of hes band mates it will destroy the relationship between the boys.

"this event deserves a celebration lets go the are favourite pub The jungle" zayn announced

"ok but everyone has to promise not to get drunk especially you zayn" liam said

"okayyyyy i promise"zayn said in an embarrassed tone

we all got dressed and got into are black Range Rover and setted off. when we finally got there after a long drive, zayn had disappeared god knows were, louis was chatting to this attractive waitress and niall was gone to get me a drink. I was left alone with harry,i felt uncomfatable after what just happened back home but i tried to forget about it,untill harry brang it up again

"sorry for the kiss its just i love you so much but theres was no better way to reveal it " harry exclaimed with tears in hes eyes

harry i always loved you as a friend,you helped me with my studies,my job,and niall,but thers   something i havent told you i lo...   i got cut of by niall

"what kiss what are you talking about harry,emily is this true"niall shouted behind my back

 "emily we agreed to never let anything brake us and it hasn't even been a day yet,do you really hate me that much?" niall screamed

" no,not at all niall its a misunderstanding,i love you,more than my self i would never do such a thing" i lied

"look emily you could of just told me that you love harry,instead of revealing it this way"niall said

 " please listen to me,pleasee" I  screamed

"thats enough emily were over and tell the boys i quit" niall said and stormed in the toilets.

what have i done,i ruined everything from me and niall,to the band,im usless!!! I tried to find louis,my best friend but he was no were to be seen,hes probably went home i decided to have a drink to cool  me down.

Its been an hour after the fight between me and niall,i walked down the staires to go to the toilet when i see niall with a tall skinny beautiful girl......

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